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Reprogram Euro SMG software to US cars! (Faster shifts + 4k Launch Control) for free!

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Edited by mod: DO NOT attempt to flash an LCI (08+) car unless you have a firmware-correct k/dcan cable. Only cable known to work is Bimmergeeks. If you brick your TCM you were warned!. See DIY sticky for link to exact post with updated instructions.

As we have seen the last few months coding has taken off! More and more people are offering windows up with remote, full bright angel eyes with headlights on, and more. Well here is the next step. Reflashing modules!

Euro smg software features:
-4k rpm launch control with auto shift at red line in S6
-Default S5 / D1 settings from cold start (US default S3/D3)
-Smoother / quicker shifts between gears

I didn't make a video however you can find several examples of it on youtube, here is one:

Attached is a guide made by terraphantm on m3forum. You can use the exact same process however instead of using E46 files you need E60 files and instead of using the #ZB number for SMGII CSL use one of the above.

Besides already flashing many E46 M3's with different tunes I have also done Rnydyman M5 with the euro smg software who i'm sure will give you his thoughts!

Hope everyone finds this information useful!


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I have OPS with DIS V57, can I do it with this?
I think others have done it with progman however I have heard of modules be "bricked" with it. DIS Should only clear codes/adaptation but I haven't used it much, so I can't say it will or wont for sure. WinKFP is the ticket tho, everyone updating modules lately use WinKFP.

Interesting. Is V41 the latest ones? Hmm...
V42 is the latest, however V41 is up to March, 2011 and their hasn't been any major updated to the E60 files and I wouldn't expect many at this point.

I already have the VAG-COM (Micro-CAN interface) cable for my VW.
Would it work with that?
No, even if it reads basic ODBII it probably wont talk to the bmw modules.

I take it you didn't use the DCAN cable the OP mentioned as it appears you have an 2006?

NM, I'm apparently still asleep today, looks like you can.
Yeah I did his car with the cable i mentioned.
Can you back up the current SMG software that's loaded into the ecu in the event something happens and you need to revert back?

Thanks for the thread BTW.
You can check which tune you currently have before you put the euro version on so you can always go back. The software doesn't have a backup feature it just writes. Since you would know which version you had prior you could simply right the old one back on or the latest US tune.
Does this module also hold the # of times the cars been launched? If so does flashing it reset this figure?

I foresee a worldwide clutch shortage coming! Hah!
Haha i never thought to look to see where this is stored and if it backs itself up onto another module. The odometer goes to 4 modules and if one if off you get a temper light on the dash.

I see a couple of vague instructions in the pdf:

Using DIS or INPA clear any codes that may be stored in any modules.
10. Start the car and enjoy your improved shifts! You may need to run the SMG adaption procedures
In INPA and DIS you can see the adaptation your smg currently has. You can reset them or leave them and/or wait for the new adaptations. This is optional however if your smg isn't running smooth after a few miles of driving should be the next step.

Where on idrive do I go to see which software version I am running..

Also, how does the launch control work? Does it add another menu item to idrive?
You can't. Its INPA/DIS that can tell you your current version. No new menu/hidden information menu.
One more thing - subscribed...I'm REALLY hoping there might be someone in Arizona who knows how to do this. :biggrin:
It is intimidating at first however their is a lot of information on the topic and not hard once you are all setup.

7. Make alot of noise and tire smoke, and then eventually move on down the road at a high rate of speed
8. Shift at redline
The last two with the euro software should be the big difference, the smg will slip the clutch more to control wheel spin and auto shift for you at redline in LC mode even in S6.
If it works as advertised it should be fine.

Would a fully charged battery and this: CTEK Multi US 7002 12V Battery Charger: Automotive

be sufficient?
I use the CTEK 800 (smaller) and with the car off / lights off just accessory on (check engine light) I have been fine. Once you are setup to flash it takes about 30-60 seconds. Only real reason you need a charger is if you get an error on the software and you have to figure it out which adds to the time.

Will do...hopefully I don't brick my car!
Just remember to take your time :) ask question if something doesn't seem right. People get in trouble when they rush and just click like crazy! Its really not that hard and somewhat dummy proof!
Saw your post. Are you located near Ft. Washington? I have some questions, so please email me to dan at leorda dot com, or call me on my cell at 215-778-7169. I am in the process of buying an 08 SMG, and need some tips. Thx.

Hi Tom,

Do you think this launch control stuff is for real?
I know its a bit out of left field but I promise in a few months after a few step up, everyone will be doing it.

Besides the launch control, how much improvement did you see in everyday shifts?
Any idea id the blueTooth OBDII connectors are any good?

Like this one: ELM/327 OBD2 OBDII Bluetooth Diagnostic Interface 1.4 | eBay


That is a generic ODBII reader. You will need the K+Dcan for talking to the BMW modules.
I ran the update tonight. It was very easy. Just download the files in the torrent on one of the previous posts and use the info from the OP (I used the PDF and the program number). the programming only took ~30 seconds to complete. The longest part was setting up the program and importing all the data.

After the update, all I have to say is WOW, What A Difference! This is probably the best mod anyone can do to the M5. Shifts were significantly smoother than before (even when I was driving in S5) and the car will undoubtedly be more comfortable on my daily commute. I didn't try D1 because I normally drive the car in S5, but I bet it is much smoother as well if the S5 performance improvement is any indication.

I hadn't tried launch control yet so I took the car out to a nice long and straight country road and tested it out for the first time tonight.

Let's just say, make sure you tuck in before you let go of the shifter :). I followed the launch control instructions and right when it hit 4K RPM's, I let go of the shifter and the car almost immediately red-lined while spinning the tires. Thanks to the new program, it up-shifted automatically at the red-line. It spun the tires through second gear and finally caught the road when it shifted into third. Next time I try this, it will be on a better rd... I couldn't get any traction... When I got home 5 minutes later, I could still smell the burning rubber... I smell a new set of tires in my near future :M5launch: hiha
Thanks for the detailed review and glad you like! This really is something the whole forum should jump on!
When I was done setting up WinKFP before I even try to do the flash this is what is in the window.
ECU Address etc... 18 Unverbaut
Assembly Identification Number: 7842206
Hardware Number: 7842205
HW interface: STD:OBD_ Diagnosis protocol: BMW-FAST

PABD: 07gdsmg3.IPO

Does that look accurate?

Looks good, just remember it will ask to program twice hit ok both times till you see it say it's success. Let us know what you think!
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Error 211: Error on Flash programming
COPAI error entries:
Code 2089 Level PABD Module 06FLASH Procedure Programmern Index 2544 Text Switching programming mode failed. 10FLASH,DIAGNOSE_MODE,ERROR_ECU_SECURITY_ACCESS_DENIED__SECURITY_ACESS_REQUESTED

Code 2084 Level PABD Module 06FLASH Procedure Programmern Index 1448Text Switching programming mode failed. 10FLASH,FLASH_SCHREIBEN: IFH-0009: NO RESPONSE FROM CONTROLUNIT

and some more like that

Call me {phone number removed}
Doesn't look any different than mine..... Those 'Access Denied' errors are making me worry. How many times did you push the 'start' button?
I put my key in the slot and pushed the button 2 times I think until all the interior stuff came on.
You should have the check engine light on. Carefull when you close the door it can go back to stereo only.
I would discourage anyone from doing this. There can be unforeseen consequences.
It's sad what has happened with 335xi. This is the first bad case we have seen and it's unfortunate it happened and hopefully is something can be easily fixed with other equipment.

This is a risky process. Everyone thinking of doing this please understand the risks. 335xi has a 2008 and had the latest us smg software, that is really the only information I have that could explain the failure (which doesn't tell me anything).

I'm hoping the outcome of this can shed some light on what went wrong.
yeah, I still want to try it out, but am now a little nervous. I have downloaded all the stuff, and will be installing the files on my laptop this weekend, hopefully. Will probably hook it all up, and see how things are looking, and knowing me, I'll just pull the trigger and see what happens. If I do it, I'll post here my results. Kind of waiting to here from 335xi, to see what the damage was, and may still wait. Not sure.
Please everyone at least wait till we know what's up with 335xi. Can't hurt and might help us understand what went wrong.
my cable arrived today.

i think i am going to give it a go. people have done it successfully.
i will hook up a battery charger at low amperage, and use a snap on multimeter to ensure voltage is between 12.5-14.5 steadily.

i am also going to do some diagnostic checking prior to any flashing to ensure the cable functions properly. i will try to keep the board posted on how the flashing goes.

What year is your car? I would like to know what ZB version is on your current smg before you do anything. At least give us more information. If thats cool.
car is 2006. and also failed.

i have the same exact problem as 335. i apoligize i didnt see this thread first.

looks like a dealer trip for me as well... maybe?
Hmm 06. well starting to rule out model year. The other useful tidbit would have been prior version. Has your car been to the dealership lately for updates?

I'm sorry to hear this and wish you had waited. I have been trying to figure this out around the clock and the only thing I have right now is the latest ecu version might lock out other versions. So if you were running the latest US smg it would fail to take any other program. I'm sure tuners have figured this out however probably wont want to tell us whats going on. The good news is the smg ecu is not broken, it just with the software we have will not take a tune.

You made it to 100% and got signature check error?
i have a contact w the dealership. the business next door to me does a lot of work with them. he says the same things, most likely we need to get the codes to unlock the transmission. he is going to call the his guy at the dealership, see if he will reprogram it for me, and even install the newer smg software. i am sure i will know more today, maybe the tech will even tell us what we ****ed up.

ill keep the board updated.
I programmed SMG for euro launch control and DME for euro firmware.
edit: on US cars. ICOM is diagnostic-programming interface for dealers.
China clone or real deal? Also doesn't explain how some are able to use a k+dcan cable and other can't and why I didn't have issues but couldn't fix 335xi's. Something else is at play here.
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