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Reprogram Euro SMG software to US cars! (Faster shifts + 4k Launch Control) for free!

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Edited by mod: DO NOT attempt to flash an LCI (08+) car unless you have a firmware-correct k/dcan cable. Only cable known to work is Bimmergeeks. If you brick your TCM you were warned!. See DIY sticky for link to exact post with updated instructions.

As we have seen the last few months coding has taken off! More and more people are offering windows up with remote, full bright angel eyes with headlights on, and more. Well here is the next step. Reflashing modules!

Euro smg software features:
-4k rpm launch control with auto shift at red line in S6
-Default S5 / D1 settings from cold start (US default S3/D3)
-Smoother / quicker shifts between gears

I didn't make a video however you can find several examples of it on youtube, here is one:

Attached is a guide made by terraphantm on m3forum. You can use the exact same process however instead of using E46 files you need E60 files and instead of using the #ZB number for SMGII CSL use one of the above.

Besides already flashing many E46 M3's with different tunes I have also done Rnydyman M5 with the euro smg software who i'm sure will give you his thoughts!

Hope everyone finds this information useful!


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Well, I have ordered the cable. And I think I have all the right software! I'm excited to try! If it all works out I'll try to upload or post links to the downloads
Hey rob. I believe they are referring to being able to view your current software once you are already in the program.

There isn't an additional menu for launch control. It is inherently built into the car when Dsc is off and you are in S6.

If you do a search or rummage through the stickies there Is a thread pertaining to it.

Here is a link to a torrent with everything you need for this.

download completed.

i will seed for anyone else looking for it!!

Thanks all!
I would be interested if there's someone in Chicago that can help.

Thanks in advance,

Hey Cesar! I got your pm, sorry I am too "new" to respond to it. I am still waiting for my cable to arrive. I think it can take 2 weeks. Once I have it I will give it a go. Once I complete it on my car I would be glad to help out others in the CHI area.

my cable arrived today.

i think i am going to give it a go. people have done it successfully.
i will hook up a battery charger at low amperage, and use a snap on multimeter to ensure voltage is between 12.5-14.5 steadily.

i am also going to do some diagnostic checking prior to any flashing to ensure the cable functions properly. i will try to keep the board posted on how the flashing goes.

What year is your car? I would like to know what ZB version is on your current smg before you do anything. At least give us more information. If thats cool.

car is 2006. and also failed.

i have the same exact problem as 335. i apoligize i didnt see this thread first.

looks like a dealer trip for me as well... maybe?
i have a contact w the dealership. the business next door to me does a lot of work with them. he says the same things, most likely we need to get the codes to unlock the transmission. he is going to call the his guy at the dealership, see if he will reprogram it for me, and even install the newer smg software. i am sure i will know more today, maybe the tech will even tell us what we ****ed up.

ill keep the board updated.
Hmm 06. well starting to rule out model year. The other useful tidbit would have been prior version. Has your car been to the dealership lately for updates?

I'm sorry to hear this and wish you had waited. I have been trying to figure this out around the clock and the only thing I have right now is the latest ecu version might lock out other versions. So if you were running the latest US smg it would fail to take any other program. I'm sure tuners have figured this out however probably wont want to tell us whats going on. The good news is the smg ecu is not broken, it just with the software we have will not take a tune.

You made it to 100% and got signature check error?

vodyk, i just bought this car less than a month ago, so i have never been to the dealership with it. i am not sure about the previous owner.
I really don't want to pay for new ECU....
Have you taken your car to the dealer yet? We are still waiting to hear from a contact there.
A BMW mechanic next door thinks they just have to flash it. And that only they have the codes to do it, if it is in fact locked out.

But... We shall see.
Talked to the IT guy at the local BMW. He said that they cannot flash EURO software. BMW doesn't allow it. He also said most likely some part of the MOST system rejected it for some reason. Like maybe the gear selector and that for about 1.5 or two hours they would charge to reprogram.
They can't flash Euro software because they don't have it. They'd flash the latest US software. So should we assume they're charging you to re-load the US Ver 3 software? And did they go ahead with it yet?

Also - did you tell them what you were doing? Or did they figure out the Euro part on their own?
Ya. I told them what we were attempting as I called from a shop that they do with business with occasionally.

Yes. They will only reload the newest us software. I am dropping it off there now.
ok, so i got a little bit of information.

my neighbor shop has a computer that he can get into bmw computers. but he couldnt get into mine. he said some he can, some he cant. he also said that BMW can lock the computers from exterior computers getting into them and that bmw has the ability to lock or unlock that ability.

i have no guarantee on the accuracy of this statement, but it seems as though it could be true. maybe those of us failing have the computers lock, and therefore no access allowed.

That seems to be what's going on. Vodyk thinks it's coded into the latest version of the SMG software. It 'bricks' and the only way to unlock is through dealership access, for now...

GOD this sucks! If you guys could see how excited he was when this successfully uploaded and worked on my car... and now that it doesn't work for everyone else... let's just say he's 'disappointed'
This Is all in the nature of modding cars. Especially now. With computers to work around. Etc.

There were about 5 people there when I was doing mine. Once it bricked they thought id be pissed. I was giggling. **** happens. I have another car. And I tried.
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My wife thought I was a [email protected] for messing with my M5 :)
My gf thinks the same thing!!
"why do you always have to play play play" she says. I told jer because I ENJOY it! :)
I find value in failure. I'm sure there is something to learn here.
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And that is risk-free. No way to hose anything. But, the mirrors don't fold up automatically. You need to hold the keyfob lock button down. On unlock, they unfold automatically.

ohh so you even have some experience doing this 335... thats interesting. now i am really wondering what went wrong with ours!
Even though I was a newb at winkfp, the instructions are quite simple. I used NCSExpert before on multiple E60s with no issue.

i couldnt agree more.

I have a 2006.
335 has a 2008.

I wish I knew what version of software I had before. But I do not know.

As of now the dealership has no idea what they ate doing.
They are blaming it on an aftermarket amplifier and aftermarket iPod

335 is bone stock. Obviously not the problem.

They are also complaining that they cannot communicate with my factory cd changer. Or amplifier. Etc. Again. Obviously because they are no longer in the car.

In closing. This Is above their heads.

I've been doing a lot of reading at BMW and a few other places. And other people have ran Into modules that wouldbt program but wound up getting it to work.

I question if there is a specific data point that we could access maybe in ncexpert to "allow access" ??

I am not knowledgeable beyond the scope of what I've been reading. ???? So I dunno. Food for thought.
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I got this help from another forum:
I have come across this before, it is to do with the import of data, off memory a file like sgidc.as2 off memory in the kmmdata folder

Sorry its in the gdaten folder, it should have the correct signature string, i would copy the whole gdaten folder from your spdaten, delete the lines that winkfp tell you to, and you should be fine

I asked some followup questions as to me these instructions are quite vague.
Mind posting a link?
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