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Reprogram Euro SMG software to US cars! (Faster shifts + 4k Launch Control) for free!

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Edited by mod: DO NOT attempt to flash an LCI (08+) car unless you have a firmware-correct k/dcan cable. Only cable known to work is Bimmergeeks. If you brick your TCM you were warned!. See DIY sticky for link to exact post with updated instructions.

As we have seen the last few months coding has taken off! More and more people are offering windows up with remote, full bright angel eyes with headlights on, and more. Well here is the next step. Reflashing modules!

Euro smg software features:
-4k rpm launch control with auto shift at red line in S6
-Default S5 / D1 settings from cold start (US default S3/D3)
-Smoother / quicker shifts between gears

I didn't make a video however you can find several examples of it on youtube, here is one:

Attached is a guide made by terraphantm on m3forum. You can use the exact same process however instead of using E46 files you need E60 files and instead of using the #ZB number for SMGII CSL use one of the above.

Besides already flashing many E46 M3's with different tunes I have also done Rnydyman M5 with the euro smg software who i'm sure will give you his thoughts!

Hope everyone finds this information useful!


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Where on idrive do I go to see which software version I am running..

Also, how does the launch control work? Does it add another menu item to idrive?
Hey rob. I believe they are referring to being able to view your current software once you are already in the program.

There isn't an additional menu for launch control. It is inherently built into the car when Dsc is off and you are in S6.

If you do a search or rummage through the stickies there Is a thread pertaining to it.
Yeah I got that, I didn't know if there was a menu on iDrive that showed me which SMG version I was running:
7840483 (ver 1)
7841402 (ver 2)
7842208 (ver 3)
Messex I'm in Charlotte, let me know how it goes... If there's anyone in charlotte with software and cable and is successful pm me
Would it be advantageous to contact bmw na and talk with someone about it? I mean at the least, they probably already have social media teams monitoring these forums. Rather have them work with us at this point.
Has anyone in or around NC been successful installing the new software?
I beg to differ, but I have a $6k repair bill because I had my car roll down a slight incline when it was in N and the e-Brake on but not enough to keep it from rolling.
Also..Car will NOT send power to the wheels if the hood is up and you're trying to reverse..
1 - 8 of 1149 Posts
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