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Reprogram Euro SMG software to US cars! (Faster shifts + 4k Launch Control) for free!

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Edited by mod: DO NOT attempt to flash an LCI (08+) car unless you have a firmware-correct k/dcan cable. Only cable known to work is Bimmergeeks. If you brick your TCM you were warned!. See DIY sticky for link to exact post with updated instructions.

As we have seen the last few months coding has taken off! More and more people are offering windows up with remote, full bright angel eyes with headlights on, and more. Well here is the next step. Reflashing modules!

Euro smg software features:
-4k rpm launch control with auto shift at red line in S6
-Default S5 / D1 settings from cold start (US default S3/D3)
-Smoother / quicker shifts between gears

I didn't make a video however you can find several examples of it on youtube, here is one:

Attached is a guide made by terraphantm on m3forum. You can use the exact same process however instead of using E46 files you need E60 files and instead of using the #ZB number for SMGII CSL use one of the above.

Besides already flashing many E46 M3's with different tunes I have also done Rnydyman M5 with the euro smg software who i'm sure will give you his thoughts!

Hope everyone finds this information useful!


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I got it! a success!

Launch Control to 4.5K RPM OK!
D1 and S5 by default OK!
Power button is ON permanent (unless you put it off) OK!


the car feels more German now! :)

can u fly over here and do this to my car?
I am thinking here that the ecu software version might have to do with this. could it be that the ecu and the smg ecu both have to run on the same version of file?
Guys!! I fixed my car!!!

After a week at BMW I had the car towed back, and uploaded the software successfully!!

4k launches are mine!!!

I will do my best to help others. I'm at work. Keep posted for what I did.

this is great news! Congrats!
i was getting the same security access denied error as 335xi.

bmw didnt do a damn thing but charge me and ruin a fiberoptic pre-amp unit that i have. it came back to me this morning the same exact was as i recieved it except no audio.

oh ya, they also left it in a few pieces.

what exactly was the problem that caused the issues and faults?
unfortunately sir, i do not know.

it could have been a few things, if i were to venture a guess. i would say that it was the lack of a great power supply. the non deleted lines of code from that random text file given in the Guide, improper setup, or maybe clicking "force programming in comfort mode"

being that my entire setup was SOO drastically different, its difficult to say what exactly the cause was.

well, if the ecu did not crap out or bric. I dont see why they didnt just flash the smg ecu with their computer. I bet u they didnt even try.
Because they don't have a flowchart that tells them to do that!!!

In all honesty. I asked. He said they any do that. Truth be told. They don't know what in the hell they are doing.

they are a bunch of fools. i walk in to my dealer and told them i want a software update so i can get the lastest software and remove my performance tune on my car. He had no idea what i was talking about and had to ask his shop foreman. His shop foreman said that a software update will not oeverwirte a performance tune file....
Interesting your does not have the power on permanently and has better smooth shifting... contrary as mine...

I wonder what files and software you have....

Yes, I agree shifting in D1 for cruise is perfect.
Yes, I did the clutch adjustment several times.... no changes...
I think the power button should have nothing to do with the smg software. Are u using euro ecu program as well?
...mac+vmware+dcan cable=bricked ecu. Nothing surprising happened.

yeah, i dont get way someone would risk thousands of their hard earn cash to do this on a mac when its not
Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Who do you think proves these things before the risk-averse crowd jumps on the bandwagon :blink:

The problem is almost certainly not due to VMware. Read the thread. The difference between working and non-working flashes seems to be either power related (my guess), or security software.

is it worth the risk? i guess to some it may since some ppl are more well off than others. I am not in a position to have 10k for trying this. Best of luck.
Update: Speaking of noobs.
I pulled the ECU and sent it to ESS. They just emailed me back and told me that the SMG computer isn't part of the ECU. It's in a different box.

So yea - after spending $90 to ship them the WRONG freaking box, I'll be pulling the SMG computer tomorrow and shipping that, as well.


might as well get them to flash their performance software while at it!:blink:
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