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Reprogram Euro SMG software to US cars! (Faster shifts + 4k Launch Control) for free!

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Edited by mod: DO NOT attempt to flash an LCI (08+) car unless you have a firmware-correct k/dcan cable. Only cable known to work is Bimmergeeks. If you brick your TCM you were warned!. See DIY sticky for link to exact post with updated instructions.

As we have seen the last few months coding has taken off! More and more people are offering windows up with remote, full bright angel eyes with headlights on, and more. Well here is the next step. Reflashing modules!

Euro smg software features:
-4k rpm launch control with auto shift at red line in S6
-Default S5 / D1 settings from cold start (US default S3/D3)
-Smoother / quicker shifts between gears

I didn't make a video however you can find several examples of it on youtube, here is one:

Attached is a guide made by terraphantm on m3forum. You can use the exact same process however instead of using E46 files you need E60 files and instead of using the #ZB number for SMGII CSL use one of the above.

Besides already flashing many E46 M3's with different tunes I have also done Rnydyman M5 with the euro smg software who i'm sure will give you his thoughts!

Hope everyone finds this information useful!


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I was the guinea pig for the re-program. I have to say - it's every bit as good as I hoped! The launch is incredible - it doesn't just smoke the tires, you TAKE OFF while it shifts for you! All you have to do is "Stomp and steer!" It modulates the clutch a bit to make sure you actually get off the line as quickly as possible. I was left virtually speechless. I haven't had that big a grin on my face since I went on the test drive before purchase. As soon as I get some dry weather again, I'll post up a vid, and some pics of what to expect. It's the SINGLE best mod. No ifs, ands or buts! Better, smoother shifts all the time.
I take it you didn't use the DCAN cable the OP mentioned as it appears you have an 2006?

NM, I'm apparently still asleep today, looks like you can.
Can you back up the current SMG software that's loaded into the ecu in the event something happens and you need to revert back?

Thanks for the thread BTW.
Ah ok. I've always complained how jerky the shifts are as well as to always click it up to s5 mode so this may be a good upgrade.
China clone or real deal? Also doesn't explain how some are able to use a k+dcan cable and other can't and why I didn't have issues but couldn't fix 335xi's. Something else is at play here.
I apologize if this has been answered already(read the entire thread hopefully), but did 335xi have the battery fully charged and maintained while performing the update?

I will be getting the cable soon and will notate various checks such as:

- current battery voltage
- verify connectivity with the software/cable
- current smg software version
- anything else?
Oooops, didn't mean to type Z...damn iphone in my pocket. Hoping to do this soon, just having a hard time picking out a cable that can be reliable.
I just got back my m5 back after a smg fluid flush. They also updated the entire car's software which has helped immensely with the shifting.

Now I'm hesitant to flash the tcu as I'm happy how it's shifting.

I actually bought this cable on eBay and was thinking of just reading and possibly code the mirrors:

Look at this on eBay:

BMW USB + OBD Diagnostic *Cable set* UK GT1 Ediabas Inpa DIS SSS Code Reader

I'm in Central Florida if anyone would like to try flashing on their car.
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So back in January 20th, 2012 I took in my car for rough shifting and well to get the SMG fluid/Tranny flushed. The tech updated all units but I don't see the SMG module being updated as part of the list unless I'm blind. So I guess it's safe to assume I still have an old version of the SMG software?

See attached PDF of the results. Looks like the update only took 20 minutes too.


Your iLevel is the latest E60 programming from ISTA-P v45 - E060-11-12-500. ISTA-P would not allow anything but the most recent version of all modules in order to complete the programming. 7842208 is the most recent US version of the SMG software.
So am I screwed from going to the latest SMG Euro Version?
No anyone can go to the euro version.
Phewwww. I'll try it this weekend. I bought this cable and have WinKFP installed:

Look at this on eBay:

BMW USB + OBD Diagnostic *Cable set* UK GT1 Ediabas Inpa DIS SSS Code Reader

I think this will work.
What year is your car?

2006. reason I'd like to try the euro file is cause of the rear end feeling I just started experiencing during upshifts and some downshifts. I reset the SMG via paddles and all seems ok for a few then boom, back again.
It is normal for the first to be D mode, definitely the down side of this whole thing.
Actually, D1 may not be that bad. This will help with cold starts as it will shift sooner for you until operating temperature. For example, I start off in D2 on cold starts and that has helped me with my rear end clunk feeling a little until the vehicle has reached operating temperature causing smoother shifts as its not looking to shift so high in the rpm range. Then again, if you're wanting to manually shift on get go then yeah that could be a downside.
Why does my damn winkfp freeze at 94% when importing assembly line data? Running winxp on my laptop. Winkfp 5.1.6

Ok looks installed. Just wasn't patient enough! I'm gonna try to flash this weekend.
I want the Euro SMG flash done soooo bad but I travel every week for work and can't find the time to pull it out, ship it off to Vodyk, and more importantly be home to receive the unit when he ships it back. I am lucky to be home for an entire weekend, let alone a weekday, and when I am here, I need to drive it.
Does anyone know of a board member or another resource in South Florida that can flash the SMG of my 2006 beast?
I would even drive as far as Tampa or Orlando to have it done.
I'm going to attempt mine this weekend. What year is yours? I travel to pembroke pines area so if it works out I'd be happy to schedule a meet up.
Latinskllz - Thanks for the reply...
Can you also code the auto window up/sunroof close this as well as Real Time Traffic Upgrade discussed in the thread below?
I'll look into it and let you know.
So... was your SMG flash successful?
I tried it and WinKFP gave me a 2021 error communicating with Ecu. I think my ediabas/BMW standard tools install is incomplete. Then I got caught up with some family matters. Will try again Wednesday.
Ok...I feel like such a p****. I managed to flash my '06 M5 to the Euro SMG without a hiccup. What I failed to do last attempt was start the diaghead emulator, hence why WinKFP wasn't communicating with the car.

Skills, I will not look into updating the real time traffic update and disabling the on screen warning at start up with NCS Expert.

Now the before and after...The car does feel like it shifts a lot smoother and starts up in D1 mode which will help on cold startup. The shifting feels a little faster as well. Downshifting is still somewhat clunky in Drivelogic mode, but it definitely feels less clunky.

All in all, great update! I reset my adaptations with by holding the shifter paddles for a few seconds while in neutral like per owner's manual so we shall see.

Thanks Vodyk!
Who's Euro SMG flashed M5 starts off in 2nd gear when in D1 mode?
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