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Water in my front headlights ( in the upper part)

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For some days i have noticed that the upper part of my headlight has water in it . That part of the headlight should be ermetically sealed , since it won't dry it out with the sunlight directly at it . A guy that works for BMW sais the only option is to change the whole headlight . Any other ideeas ??

I will post a photo very shortly .

Thanks in advance .
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I ran it with the light turned on , but the water is still there . It's like somehow that part wasn't perfectly sealed and water or very humid air got in there . But the same way it entered it should go out , but it doesn't .
Weird as hell .

PS : It might seem like an idiot thing to ask but how do you change the eyebrows leds ??? if i take them off i should be able to get some air in them and just dry'em out ? I checked the manual but it doesn't clarify me .

Thanks for your time .
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