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  • RussRamz ·
    Hello my old M5board acquaintance. Are you still active here?

    I am still in touch with T Bone and recently purchased a 2006 M5 project car. Got some gremlins I'm trying to work through and thought I might pick your brain if you still visit the board.

    Hope to hear from you,

    cpiguy ·
    Hi There:

    I'm getting ready to order my X5 3.5D and was wondering how your gas mileage has been now that you've had it a while.
    unfoundhorsepower ·
    Hi Phil, welcome to the board, it is a lot of fun and one can learn a great deal from it. As far as the e39 goes, it is a great road car, more suttel than the e60, both are swell road cars with the e60 being more versatil than the far as mods there are many, and a good source for mods and mod. info is Turner Motorsport in Amesbury Mass... They do a lot with the e39...Will Turner is full of info...Keep your eye on the events for Mass stuff and N.Y....I have fun traveling and meeting other enthusiasts...I am the holder of the M5board banner and bring it to all the meets I go to. Hey feel free to write..always good to hear from a fellow board member in Mass. Greg
    Vanos Clack ·
    Good day, I am new to the site, and the M5, although I have owned 9 Bimmers thus far, I was hoping you, or someone in your network could help me find local MA events and some tips on low cost upgrades for the E39... as your name says, "unfoundhorsepower" trust me, I want to find much more! Also, how do you like the E60 compared to the E39? I know in HP there is no comp. but I had a 750il just before the M5, and I like the basic "race tuned" type of suspension over the technological one, and wanted your thoughts, since they really took the car from fairly simple, to something out of Star Trek with the new model. Any advice is appreciated, and I will compliment you when concise and hones... others just dont get Phil
    Highedu ·

    I have an 06 and was looking to get an extended warranty on my M5 and would appreciate any help you could provide me in getting a discount on the extended warranty. I live in California if that is of any consequence.

    Thanks so much.
    unfoundhorsepower ·
    I have been told that I'm harsh, disrespectful, post just to add numbers, Note: I have NOT been told that I am brutally honest, and concise, in what I say, do and feel: thus my spoutings! like it or knot.cherrsagai
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