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Okay so it has now been a week and about 100 miles with my new Elring valve cover gaskets and no leaks whatsoever. The car was hemorrhaging power steering fluid too so I replaced all 4 lines for $300 and it is bone dry now, so I'm a happy guy right now. Some tips that I personally have for this job:

1. It helped A LOT to remove the ITB gasket shroud that surrounds each bank of ITB's. It's 4 eye shaped band clamps that took 5 minutes to remove and was very worth it
2. On the driver side I found a little module with two solenoid looking things on the side. I wish I took a photo but it has 2 lines connecting to it, this was in the way very much so I unplugged the connector that led to it and pulled it as high as I could and zip tied it to the hood shocks because I had no one to hold it out of the way. This helped a bunch.
3. I'm not saying this is correct or the best method, but I put the gasket on the head first after the 4th time trying the zip tie method. I first put RTV sealant (Not RTV Gasket maker) on the recommended locations from the video above (halfmoons, and any corners you can find). This allowed the gasket to stick to the flange very well while I placed the valve cover over top of the gasket. Then I aligned the gasket in the guide along the valve cover.

This really worked for me. Whole job took me roughly 5-7 hours but I really took my time.

Thank you everyone for the help and input!!!
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