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Advice on Vorsteiner Vented Hood?

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I have been looking into the Vorsteiner hood. I know it comes in three versions:

- DVWP & Carbon Fiber Vents (dry vacuum woven plastic)
- Single Sided Carbon Fiber & Carbon Fiber Vents (carbon fiber honey comb matrix)
- Double Sided Carbon Fiber & Carbon Fiber Vents (carbon fiber honey comb matrix)

Anyone have any advice on the pros/cons of them? Also haven't decided if I like the carbon fiber look against Interlagos Blue. Anyone paint the vents the same color as the vehicle? Any insight would be appreciated. Thank you.
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I got the Vorsteiner CF hood for looks not weight savings, which I think is bogus. According to Evosport in their article the savings was 11 lbs ?
I got the double sided for strength.

And yes IMO the vents left in the clear coated CF will look great against the interlogos blue. Do you have any other CF pieces on your car, like the kidney or side grills? I think it would all tie in very nicely.

The hood gives the M5 such an aggressive look. That's even with the little vents Vorsteiner designed for it. Heck with a small surface area the M3 has massive stout vents.
Go for it. You will love it.

Cheers, M5Ranger...Juan
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