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thewindwaker 21st May 2019 05:48 AM

New 06-E60 Owner (as of today)
I know, madness? Well, it's the type of madness I can get into. I absolutely love this car and maybe I'm lucky, maybe I'm tempting fate, but I don't get the concern about the SMG. Yes, in automatic mode it drags but when manually shifting I think I've got it down to where it's barely noticeable. Need to work on down shifting but... this is a high performance vehicle, shouldn't it take practice to learn how to drive it and shouldn't it break if you don't know what you're doing?

All that being said, I've got some issues right off the bat. DSC doesn't appear to be working at all, the Carfax (although extremely clean) indicates the flywheel was replaced at 40k. I'll learn everything there is to learn about preventative maintenance and accept the costs. My favorite line is this car should be treated like a Lambo. It would be silly not to baby it - except at 140+.


Some specs for those who care: 06 model, 58K Miles, $17k, Two owners, first owner had it until 2018, second owner drove it for 4k miles last year and sold it to the place he bought it at.

HM506 21st May 2019 04:09 PM

Congrats, do the rod bearings if havent done already

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TexaZ3 21st May 2019 06:39 PM

Nice pickup, welcome.

Slamfire 22nd May 2019 12:59 AM

Welcome to the club, post some pictures.

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