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Blue Thunder
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Im keeping my outdated technology.

Or classic as I call it

1999 M5 Avus Blau Metallic
Twin Rotrex superchargers, Front mount intercooler, Steel sleeved block, Forged CP pistons, 10.5:1 compression, SS Headers, SS race cats, TUBI Rumore, UUC 11" V12 cerametallic clutch + flywheel, UUC EVO3 SSK w/DSSR, Brembo GT4 brakes front/back, KWv3's, Angel Eyes + Angelibrights, Celis, 19" Hamann PG2s, Strongstrut front Strut Brace, BMW fire extinguisher, Dynawin headunit, CF interior trim

1989 E30 M3 White - track toy
S85B50 with M-DCT - 560+ hp, 1300kg rocket for the Ring being built
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im not hacking on the E39, its an awesome car, classic, engine is amazing. maybe the best M car ever made. it was just time for change, after 5 of them. if i had the room and could afford to keep it and get the M3 I would have. plus i never had the need for a sedan, no one ever sat in the back of any of my m5's, lol.
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Originally Posted by nightkrawler View Post
im not hacking on the E39, its an awesome car, classic, engine is amazing. maybe the best M car ever made. it was just time for change, after 5 of them. if i had the room and could afford to keep it and get the M3 I would have. plus i never had the need for a sedan, no one ever sat in the back of any of my m5's, lol.
Sometimes it is just time for a change. Nothing wrong with that at all. I like hearing the comparisons between the M5 and other cars that attempt to cover similar ground.


'01 Black/caramel
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Originally Posted by nightkrawler View Post
then you'd be better suited to an E28 M5 if you don't like newer tech.

the car is no dog off the line and it doesn't always have to be at 5k to make power. its more fun to drive cause imo cause you can slam on the throttle and not be roasting the tires off in low gears. the handling puts the E39 to shame and the brakes do as well. i had a stoptech 6pot on my last m5 and the stock brakes on the M3 blow it away.
Is it weird that I like the tire-roasting aspect of the E39 M5? I feel like the sign of a truly good car is the one that can easily spin large rear tires in several gears. I can't say I've ever thought of the E39's handling as lacking, but my commute has almost no turns, nor does my daily driving. The roads here in Phoenix are all perfectly straight for the most part, there are no twisty roads to be found close by. Everyone seems to rag on the stock E39 M5 brakes, but I find them to be perfectly adequate for daily driving, and I've never been in a situation where I couldn't stop fast enough. What do y'all do with your brakes that requires a 6-pot?

I know all this stuff is based on opinion, but I felt like contributing my two cents.

2000 540i Touring - current DD
2000 M5 - sold
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Sup3r D
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Originally Posted by dannyzabolotny View Post
I don't like engines that I have to rev out, it makes daily driving a chore.
Yes & no. When I had my B8 S4, low-end torque was aplenty with the supercharger but I could never go WOT for more than a second before getting into trouble. With the Cayman, it doesn't come alive till 4k RPM but it sounds so good that I have no problem with the time it takes to get to the torque peak, and when I'm finally there, I'm still going reasonably fast but nothing crazy. I also have no problems with a V6 Camry taking me off the line ego isn't that sensitive.

They each have their benefits so I guess the real trick is owning one of each type.

'03 M5 | 987.2 Cayman |
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The only issue I have with the m3 is that the cockpit is much smaller. Otherwise nimble and fast. Great car. I am going to drive a sedan and see if I have more room. We'll see. But I will not sell my m5 39 just add to the fleet.
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There are tons of threads here on the board with E9x comparisons. In reality, these two cars fill significantly different niches...enough so that the fact they are RWD V8 isn't enough to assume they should fill similar roles in some equal fashion. It's funny that people "complain" about torque of the S65, enough so that BMW Car magazine compared the two cars years ago and broke out measured in-gear acceleration in 10mph increments for every gear all the way to 150mph. They surprisingly found the E90 M3 beat the E39 M5 in speed increments they didn't believe (stuff like 5th gear 60-80 where both engines are out of their juicy spot) since the E90 "felt" slower behind the wheel. Of course overall, the E90 M3 is the faster car by a good amount (i.e. 0-60 4.1 sec vs M5 4.8, 0-100mph in 9.8 sec vs M5 11.3 sec -- times for 6MT E90, both data from C&D testing), but "the feel" everyone talks about is somewhat of a misleading butt-dyno effect.

The E9x M3 is geared such that in 2nd gear, for example, it is running about 1400 rpms higher engine speed for the same road speed compared to the M5 (no surprise both cars are properly geared based on their engine's torque curve). Hence one reason butt dyno impressions are tainted is that people look at engine speed, say 2500rpms in 2nd gear, and compare "feel" when applying throttle as opposed to matching road speed in 2nd gear for their comparison (i.e. 2500 in 2nd in M5 ~= 3900 in 2nd in M3).

The net of all this imo is that the E90 M3 is a *much* different driving car than the M5 and likely *not* suitable for daily driver duties many subject an M5 to doing. It's louder, much firmer riding (still supple though), much more connected experience (i.e. the 12.5:1 ratio, hydraulic assisted, rack and pinon steering is incredible), and the visceral feel to the S65 is sublime, especially from 6500-8400 rpms. It's a much more of a purists/enthusiasts sports sedan to the nth degree, one of which will never be seen again (normally aspirated 8000+ revving V8). If you have a lot of HPDE/autocross/track time trials/racing in your background and want a beast that will tingle your spine, the E90 M3 is it.

The M5 on the other hand is more of a boulevard cruiser that "isn't bad" on track once you do a good bit of suspension mods. The M5 is obviously aged in many ways not the least of which is the E39 chassis was in design phase well over 20 years ago now. I've always thought of my M5 as the epitome of my first BMW, the 1972 Bavaria (E3), which shared much in common with the E39 layout right down to the recirculating ball steering -- the M5 feels like taking the Bavaria through every evolution possible in every category. It gets better gas mileage than the E9x M3 too, lol, which is actually a good bit better than the last iteration of my Bavaria too (i.e. with a fully built M30 six, cam, triple sidedraft 45mm Webers, etc, it loved to use gas ).

...just random thoughts from about to start year 14 with the M5 and year 5 with the M3.

Current stable:

2019 M2 Competition 6MT LBB, slicktop
2011.5 M3 sedan 6MT Silverstone, slicktop: Dinan front swaybar, Eibach rear swaybar, pins-out-max-camber-up-front, Dinan exhaust, Michelin PS4S, Apex EC-7 9.5/10.5x19
2007 328i wagon Silver/gray: Eibach 28mm front swaybar, E93 M3 rear swaybar, 219M M3 wheels, Michelin PSAS3+
1975 CanAm 125MX2: Stock, original owner

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I have some seat time behind an E9X M. It is a car that is directly connected to your brain, it is always at the ready. I enjoyed every second of it. It will out handle/brake the old E39, but in the straights they are quite comparable (well close but the E9X pulls every so slightly every gear change). Oddly enough after gutting my cats (because racecar) I pulled away from the very same E9X M (without any other changes).

I love both cars, the only niggle I have about the E9X in general is interior quality, otherwise a fantastic overall package.

Congrats on your purchase, the exterior color paired with the carbon roof option is amazing!

03 ///M5 - AFE Pro Dry S, Corsa Catback, Jailbreak Tune/ESS SC in a box
03 Porsche C4S - Cupcar exhaust, CCWs
07 Nissan Frontier 4WD CC Nismo
01 325i - HPDE budget build
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Current owner of a Dinan S2 M5 since June 03 and former owner of a 2008 M3 coupe and current owner of a 2013 M3 coupe with competition package and m-dct transmission. M5 was purchased cpo and M3s purchased new. I agree with everything Chuck wrote two different cars with the M3 being faster, more athletic and of course more modern with BMW apps etc. M5 interior is more luxurious with leather on the dash and wood and alcantara all over. In the end two very different cars that we will never see again.

2002 Dinan S2 M5
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