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Do It Yourself (DIY) Guidepost


I would like to take a fresh look at reorganizing the Do-It-Yourself threads here, by:
1) finding/identifying the best ones
2) providing a dedicated thread for nominations of newer/better ones
3) adding rudimentary keyword tags above each link (which may not be in the title)

If you know about a post that is superior/complementary to one already listed, or if you know about a new one, please post here with:
- the link
- some keywords for reference

Better yet, if you are motivated to create a better-written / more-accurate version of a DIY here, please do so, and let this thread know about it.

Gustav has added a "DIY" prefix which you can apply at the time you post your new DIY thread.

Thanks for the help.

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When to do it?

Note: The following intervals are meant only as very general guidelines, and may not be suitable for your car or your driving style.

Again, I’m seeding this with information I have cataloged for my own purposes, based on observations made about when owners addressed them. That starting point may or may not be correct. Please post replies with errors and additions.

Air filter – every 15k miles / 25k km
Brake fluid – every 2 years, or less
Coolant – every 3 years, or less

Think about at 50k miles / 80k km, if not already done:
Transmission fluid
Pre-cat oxygen sensors

Think about at 70k miles / 110k km, if not already done:
Fuel filter
Thrust arm bushings
Power steering fluid
Wheel bearings

Think about at 90k miles / 145k km, if not already done:
Fan clutch, radiator
Fuel pump

Think about at 100k miles / 160k km, if not already done:
Rod bearings

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How to do it?

Note: Be advised that these DIYs are mostly written by non-professionals. The help you seek may be worth exactly what you paid for it here: nothing.

ABS sensor (vantaam5)

Air conditioning recharge (jlusby)

Alternator (jshep)

Audio bluetooth A2DP via Aux (emfunf)

Aux audio input (AGM5)

Aux fan (D-RodM5)

A/V Dynavin Avin
Dynavin (Tho///a5) (Ikazuchi)

Battery drain diagnosis (StreetDragster)

Belts, serpentine (alternator/waterpump), AC
Fan clutch, aux fan, pusher (J Irwan) (Torquey5)

Blower motor HVAC (tbalon)

Brake booster (Nabio)

Brake fluid flush (chowdah) (phid_bombadier) (eljockvis)

Brake kit, BMW Performance retrofit (StreetDragster)

Brake line, hose (Jetpilot718)

Brake overhaul, caliper rebuild, hoses, bedding (Jetpilot718, Vector57) (bimmerule)

Brake pads (

Bumper removal, front (pureretro)

Camshaft Position Sensor, general (shammy)
Camshaft Position Sensor, intake, bank 1 (DavidS)
Camshaft Position Sensor, intake, bank 2 (J Irwan)
Camshaft Position Sensor, exhaust, bank 2 (J Irwan)

Camshaft timing (vantaam5)

Catalytic converter (CATS) testing (68FB)

Chain tensioner (vantaam5)

Coolant flush (jamiepeers) (NogginM5Beast)

Coolant temp sensor, lower (MPowrd)

Rear main seal (Terabass) (vantaam5) (Jetpilot718) (OldRanger)

Clutch line (vantaam5)

Compression, leakdown test (DavidS) (jfdturbo)

Differential, general (Tin)
Differential, input shaft (vantaam5) (tripevans)
Differential, rebuilt (vantaam5)

Differential oil
Transmission oil (timmay77)

DME, euro software to address jerky throttle and AA carbon buildup (nightkrawler)

Door edge seal squeak (door side) (TMcNasty)

Door edge seal (body side) (swingwing)

Door lock actuator (TheAvenger)

Door stuck locked actuator dead (Spiller)

Door vapor barrier leaking, gasket, insulation, water (chowdah) (timmay77)

Engine motor mounts (Inverno)

Valentine1 (Diny)

Firewall covers (body work engine compartment) (AGM5)

Folding mirror (estreetgt)

Fog light refinishing (Mfreakin5)

Fog light replacement (D-RodM5)

Fuel diagnostics (JoeFromPA)

Fuel filler door lock actuator (Phyber0ptik)

Fuel filter (rdm190) (SehrSchnell) (phid_bombadier) (Terabass)

Fuel injectors (curtissp321)

Fuel Pump (doc$holliday) (Terabass)

Fuel tank breather valve (J Irwan) (rdm190)

Headlight, automatic retrofit w/LCM & RLS (Rontgen)

Headlight, sealed, replacing lenses/adjusters (jamiepeers)

Hood / bonnet release bowden cables (vantaam5)

Homelink, garage door programming (1mpowerme)

IATS intake temp sensor relocation (roverguy10) (///m62e39)

Instrument cluster bulb (Avante)

Instrument cluster reprogram/coding for mileage/VIN (blackknight530i)

Key fob (alfanator)

Laser intecerptor (chowdah)

LCM (light control module) PCB cleaning (thegorilla)

Leather re-dye, caramel (skeelo34)

Lower Engine Compartment Cover (pork chop, 51712498989, 51712498990, 51712694832, 51712694899) DIY
How to repair a broken pork chop (pic heavy)

Lower Control Arm (LCA) (RideM5)

Oil change (Naka)

Oil pan drain plug stripped, timesert (TMcNasty)

Oil temp level sensor (D-RodM5)

Oxygen sensor, pre-cat, post-cat (nathanielbrown) (TMcNasty) (aaronmiles)

Paint correction (5thGen)

Parking brake adjustment, hand brake, loose (TheAvenger)

Parking brake shoes replacement, handbrake (bimmerule)

Pixels, dashboard display (Burnout_187)

Power steering fluid (getbent) (Lancefitzgiben) (SeattleM5)

Power steering hose (ECB)

Power steering pump, troubleshooting

Propshaft center bearing (vantaam5)

Rear Balljoint (jamiepeers)

Rear Main Seal, Clutch, Transmission shaft / seal (tripevans)

Rear Main Seal, shortcut (M5convert)

Rod bearings (jamiepeers) (vantaam5) (ger)

Seat belt (rear retractor) (moveson)

Seats twisted (doc$holliday) (Terabass)

Shift knob, illuminated, F10 (mattmor)

Short shifter, e60 (M55555) (xr4tic) (OsinO)

Sirius, satellite, radio, BM53, retrofit (AGM5)

Sound system, radio, audio (DouglasABaker)

Spark plugs (rdm190) (jaj)

Steering idler control arm bushing (vantaam5)

Steering wheel (billrM5)

Suspension, coilover (jaj) (jaj) (jaj)

Thermostat (jfman) (timmay77) (russap5) (jamiepeers)

Throttle actuator (godaemon)

Throttle position sensor, TPS (Jetpilot718) (mmzcee)
How to test (Sailor24)

Throttle sync (jf0517)

Thrust arm bushings, X5 (deleted! can anyone remember the author?) (ACHTUNGM5)

Tie rod (deleted! can anyone remember the author?)

Timing chain, cover removal, cam tensioner
[see jamiepeers' post on Rod Bearings] (

Trunk lock actuator / trunk lid won't stay shut (broken latch spring) (MrCrashRR) (andrew911)

Vacuum line, throttle body (Mike S.)

Valve cover, general, grommets, oil

Valve cover gaskets (CWY_M5)

Vanos board

Vanos solenoid (Don Incognito) (vantaam5) (gzig5) (TommeH) (wilhit10) (bdsmitty88)

Vanos spring plate (jamiepeers)

Water pump (vantaam5)

Washer fluid reservoir leak, intensive (CarbonCopy)

Washing claying waxing (Tiauguinho) (Tiauguinho)

Wheel bearing, rear (jamiepeers)

Window regulator, front (

Windshield gasket seal (billrM5 & mjohnson)

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Subscribed as well. Thanks for the thread.

Mx5 Columbus Ohio
Stock Titanium Silver 2001 E39 M5
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subscribed extremely useful

Exotic Tuning Front Lip, ZHP Illuminated Weighted Shift Knob, AC Roof Spoiler, Slimms big mouth grill with Stainless steel ducts, Slimms CF Rear Diffuser with fins, Slimms CF Fog light covers with Ducts, and Euro Style center console with storage try

UUC SSK with DSSR, SS X-Pipe, Eisenmann Mufflers with 83mm tips, Gruppe M intake covers with K&N Filters, Evolve LHD Headers and 100 Cell Cats (with Alpha-N and stage 3 tune on order)

to do list
ESS SC, BC Coilovers, CNS clutch, CF Hood with power dome, Hamann Style Side skirts, and Wheels
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Absolutely, many thanks for this. I reckon a lot of members on here hold the DIY's in very high regard and they are extremely useful, they must be saving us £1k's in labour costs.

Great idea to sort them out a bit.

2001 E39 M5 : Silverstone Blue, 19" Breyton Spirits (horribly rashed...Genuine BBS LM's to go on), Philips Silverline Indicator Bulbs, Intravee II and Alpine KCA-420i (in a box in the house) and 160GB iPod Classic , Evolve headers and race cats to go on, otherwise standard at the mo...

"I look at it like this. Owning an M5 is kind of like dating a slamming hot big-t...ed blonde, who is a pain in the *****, drains your cash, but screws like there's no tomorrow. Owning a Honda Civic or the like, is akin to dating a girl who is fat, ugly, smells a bit where she shouldn't, is a cheap date and doesn't screw at all (you don't mind). So yeah, I'll take the blonde." (Courtsey of Jetpilot718)

The thread of my car and it's progression to mechanical perfection... : if I ever get around to anything...

Cabin Filters 6/3/11, Bosch wipers 21/5/11, OEM air filters 24/5/11 (110,920), Oil Change, Oil Seperators and Thermostat 07/08/11 (112,699), Final Stage Resistor, Coolant Temp Sensor, Silvered Indicator Bulbs 21/08/11 (114,110), Private Plate 23/10/11, Came home from storage 13/02/13
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