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mmoro 22nd March 2019 11:48 AM

1992 M5 Touring (Daytona Violet)
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Hello everyone.

Iím selling my BL01008 e34 touring in Daytona violet, 210000km registered in Monaco (Montecarlo) (actually visible by my mechanic close to Milan (Italy)).

Probably the first Daytona violet touring made, in April 1992!

It is my daily drive car, so it is not a collection car, but it is in perfect running conditions (no leaks anywhere, no rust, motor clean and smooth)
The car is very well maintained, I drove it for 25000km since I bought it in Holland in 2013, and it needed only general check-ups and a revision of the suspensions (this has been done 2 years ago). Last mechanical supervision in 2017 in Monaco

During the 3 winter months the car has always been taken to my mechanic to do all the works it would need to be kept in perfect order (he does what he thinks is necessary and I just pay de bill in spring).
Interiors are original (never rebuilt) in good conditions, but with use marks (the phone still works!)
Steering wheel changed by previous owners in BMW (I have the note)

All stamps in the maintain book until I bought it, after that I have all bills for the works and checkups (Iím not the guy that needs official stamps, even less when BMW doesnít has spare parts to sellÖI brought it to BMW in Monaco when it was needed and my mechanic was busy, but thatís all)
It comes with a DOUBLE SET of original throwing star wheels (actually on winter tires, summer tires are legal but needs to be changed soon)

I have to sell it because Iím transferring to another country, with more bumpy roads and less autoroutes so not the ideal environment for this car.
It is not yet advertised on or autoscout as I would prefer to sell it to someone who cares about the well being of the car.

Iím asking around 35.000Ä for it (please donít contact me with silly offers)
You can find me at this email or here in the forum

triksterut 22nd March 2019 09:22 PM

I know I'm probably weird but that's one of my favorite colors. Had a 99 M3 Vert in that color and loved it. Looks like it's in great shape! GLWS

mottati 27th March 2019 12:24 AM

looks like a great example.

Ivo Christov 28th March 2019 10:26 AM

For those who are interested in this M5 Touring, with no affiliation, we can help to export/import it:

Importing a BMW from Europe Ö.
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Ivo Christov has been in the classic BMW business for 20 years. We can provide pre-inspection services and pre-delivery maintenance or upgrades. We have vast experience in importing and exporting vehicles from overseas. We have built a trusted network of companies we can rely upon to service our customers.

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Most of our customers choose Roll On/Roll Off (RoRo) transportation as this is the most affordable and quickest way of shipping a vehicle. The car is simply driven on the ship and will be parked there for the sea journey. We can also offer enclosed container shipment for more exclusive cars.

The transit time for RoRo transport is 12-18 days to the east coast (NY/Baltimore/Brunswick/Jacksonville), 20-22 days to Houston/Galveston and 28-30 days to the west coast (Los Angeles/Tacoma).
NMT is a full service company and we recommend to NMT handle all documents for your shipment. They will act as an import agent and broker to handle the arrival of your vehicle. NMT coordinates all transit logistics and will contact you prior to arrival of your vehicle. They will process arrival documents and submit import taxes. We hold a bond with US customs for a swift and easy transaction.
The vehicle will be shipped with copies of the transport documents and title. We will forward the original title and transport documents by UPS/FedEx to guarantee it is delivered to you.
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mmoro 28th March 2019 11:36 AM


Originally Posted by mottati (Post 7553070)
looks like a great example.

Indeed it is! :grin

M5touring reg 28th May 2019 08:18 PM

One of the first, early E34 M5touring production car
BL01008 - 210.000 km - EZ 04/1992 - Daytona-Violett-met. - € 35.500
Monaco / France

M5touring reg 28th May 2019 08:20 PM

One of the first, early E34 M5touring production car
BL01008 - 210.000 km - EZ 04/1992 - Daytona-Violett-met. - € 35.500
Monaco / France

mmoro 28th May 2019 10:33 PM

yes, it is from today on autoscout and

I hope somebody will notice the ad and that I can sell it before leaving Monaco

heldy22 16th June 2019 03:17 AM

such a cool and rare car!

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