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E39 M5 and E52 Z8 Discussion

  1. e39 - 145 Lambda Regulator 2
  2. Integrated bluetooth & MP3 playback for DSP E39s, what are the options in 2019
  3. Question for people with Helix (DJ AUTO) lenses
  4. Alignment Help
  5. Next steps advice on an ESS VT560 Kit
  6. Insurance deeming total loss, now what?
  7. IKE PDC display units.....
  8. DIY Help on '03 E39 M5 - Charlotte, NC
  9. fsubzero - Please set your PM box to accept replies
  10. E39 M5 - WhatsApp Group UK
  11. Do I need to install water/meth system?
  12. Values UK
  13. Wiring for rearview mirror
  14. BMW Performance Brakes Brackets-Where to Get?
  15. BMW ad for dog lovers
  16. Smallest wheels for M5?
  17. I have the V1 Radar aftermarket mirror.. what else is needed?
  18. Parcel Shelf Squeak - Fixed
  19. Side Mirror Folding Motor Installation Help
  20. Part help Front sway bar knurled stud
  21. Question on Dinan
  22. Help identify what's missing - Xtron nav unit removal, back to OEM
  23. How did he get these exhaust pops?
  24. Headlight adjusters
  25. Anybody here had any dealings with Kassel Performance?
  26. It looks like new WP went up another $100 or so
  27. Stock DSP audio system with aftermarket head unit
  28. Is my beast ready for emissions?
  29. Aftermarket resonators (x pipe + muffler delete)
  30. Vanos diagnostic with DIS
  31. Lower oil separator return pipe access
  32. Goodbye, old paint...
  33. Whining Noise Until Engage Clutch Pedal
  34. OE suspension parts
  35. First time drag strip advice?
  36. Rear Sway Bar
  37. New member, not a new e39 owner
  38. Common front oil leak locations?
  39. Door Panel Adhesive Recommendation
  40. Asking for my uncle: What's this vibration noise during low rpms?
  41. Steering wheel question
  42. Need help installing Umnitza DRL relay
  43. Seat twist repaired incorrectly?
  44. Dash light problem - LCM troubleshooting needed
  45. No Crank
  46. M-Chanics review
  47. AC belt keeps shredding
  48. Tranny refresh items
  49. New e39 M5 member
  50. Fixing the fold feature on my side mirrors-Am I missing something here?
  51. Recommendations for a mechanic around DC Metro area
  52. 800hp BMW E39 M5 Single Turbo - drift video
  53. 03 E39 M5 warping seat question
  54. Poor radio reception
  55. Sad day for me yesterday. (pictures fixed)
  56. Seat heater/rear sun shade fuse
  57. Wheel Refinishing in SF Bay Area
  58. E39 M5 related content from Bimmerpost
  59. Mystery Washer in Oil Pan
  60. Little Guidance on T-stat replacement
  61. Project Log- High-mile, salvage title '02 M5
  62. Let see those build sheets
  63. ABS/DSC Light Issue
  64. Vanos Maybe ?
  65. Brake pedal right to the floor!
  66. Repeated Driveshaft/Center Bearing issue, E39 Help needed
  67. Doors keep unlocking!
  68. Wheel alignment + Dinan wheels
  69. Seats came in for my build
  70. Moved to Puerto Rico - looking for a shop
  71. Hex code E6 - EGAS - Nominal/actual-comparison
  72. M5 E39 and M6 G-Power high-speed roadtrip on Autobahn 5000km [tons photos and video]
  73. Switched to square rear view mirror, everything works but one question
  74. Re-registering in France
  75. Just finished replacing Nav / Info LCD screen
  76. Replacement front brake calipers
  77. Replacement front brake calipers
  78. Looks Like Vanos Boards need to be Resoldered
  79. Metal flakes in VANOS solenoid screen
  80. ECS Individual Black Birch M vs LeatherZ ZHP shift knob review
  81. 2019 GPS Week Rollover
  82. Moving to France so what about the M5?
  83. Weird issues after having rod bearings replaced.
  84. Quality job for muffler delete
  85. Chasing a P0024 Exhaust Cam Sensor Bank 2
  86. E39 M5 M Audio
  87. The Twin SC kit -re imagined : thread
  88. What have you done to your M5 since you bought it?
  89. Does S62 require MAFs for cruise control?
  90. Recent experience with Umnitza Projector39 ??
  91. Fuel line leak
  92. Anybody tried this trim set?
  93. E39 M5 - Help me decide, QuickJack or FloorJack/Stands
  94. Results of changing rod bearings at 45k miles
  95. Misfiring at 5,500 rpm or higher with little to no engine load
  96. DIY: How do I replace E39 M5 parking brake cables?
  97. Shop for Seat Tilt Fix in D.C./Mid-Atlantic
  98. Fully Integrated Bluetooth Solution
  99. DIY: ABS/DSC Heat Shield prototype
  100. Value of a beater 2000 M5?????
  101. Why are my cam sensors wet of oil?
  102. E39 warning triangle for toolbox on ebay for $8
  103. Quick tyre question for 18x10 square set up
  104. Need help Pressure Regulator vacuum connection under manifold
  105. DIY E46 vs E39 Vanos question
  106. 3M wrap film color closest to the original brushed alumium trim
  107. Great BaT article: E39 M5, why we love them
  108. New Style 65 front wheels on my M5
  109. Mechanical Fan Mod
  110. Preventive Maintenance - Folding Mirrors
  111. Should I supercharge my e92 m3?
  112. P0024 Exhaust Cam sensor which one?
  113. s62 Crankshaft repair/grinding
  114. Mechanic recommendation needed
  115. Interior Leather Options
  116. Looking for original shifter
  117. No crank no start problem
  118. Help: P0340 P0036 and P0024
  119. P0492 - Vacuum Issue?
  120. BMW E39 Watch on eBay
  121. New E39 M5 owner, let me introduced you to her.
  122. ISO mechanic in CO Springs (or Denver/Pueblo)
  123. Jabbing throttle from idle, engine shudders? Normal?
  124. Anyone used Schwaben pro scan tool to bleed brakes?
  125. Opinion on Tranny Flush
  126. Interior upholstery experience?
  127. Putting the Exhaust system back on BROKEN STUDS FROM MANIFOLDS to Cats
  128. OEM Trunk Navi/DVD/Amp Install
  129. Thank Goodness
  130. ECS Tuning has NOS BMW Individual/M Wood Grain Shift Knobs
  131. Where to start with Vanos maintenance?
  132. What's It Worth?
  133. Supercharger blown intake plenum (again)
  134. Monitoring rod bearing health?
  135. Brake shudder: rotors vs. thrust arms
  136. Do I have an E60 shifter upgrade?
  137. Experience with Rear Trailing Arms Polyurethane Bushings
  138. RPA - control unit fault
  139. P0606 code showing
  140. NOT the typical "Seat Twist" HELP
  141. Concerns around long term storage
  142. Need cupholder for the center armrest area in 2000 Dinan M5
  143. High idle
  144. Yet again, another tranny oil question
  145. DIY: Getrag 420g - How I found reverse again
  146. Going to bite the bullet and do rod bearings
  147. My E39 M5 has Spun Rod Bearing
  148. Bought a Shark Injector, car already had a flash
  149. Bought a project
  150. E65 brake master cylinder on E39
  151. Diff bushing tool question
  152. S62 "Pencil" Ignition Coil Conversion
  153. As we all know style 65 is officially NLA and this it looks this style will be soon too
  154. Headlight sensor question
  155. Pierburg fuel pump replacement
  156. Oil Filter Housing Mounts - overpriced much?
  157. E39 m5 brake options
  158. Halo brightness
  159. PS4S vs PS A/S 3?
  160. E39 M5 - meet in Midlands
  161. I wish this was closer to me
  162. I actually prefer these over OEM wheels
  163. Replacement Seat Covers (source)
  164. Powerflex rear inserts - current thoughts?
  165. Check Brake Linings light
  166. Brake upgrade
  167. Funky noise
  168. Looking for an E39 M5 Differential
  169. E39 M5 - wing mirror glass
  170. Morning blast in the M5 ..
  171. Temp/oil temperature
  172. Suspect oil temp sensor
  173. Prices going up E39 M5
  174. Transmission Main Bearing
  175. How to check for leaking or stuck open injector?
  176. Video: Honing and Re-exposing S62 Blocks
  177. E39 M5 - side mirror glass
  178. Ordered Shark tuner today
  179. Help figuring out a sound upgrade for a US 2000 M5
  180. Test Post
  181. Aussie Prices Going Up
  182. ESS VT1-560 Supercharger Before & After Dyno Runs
  183. Rod Bearing Service - break in period?
  184. Famous / Infamous e39 M5s
  185. E39 M5 loud ticking noise
  186. 03 M5 M-AUDIO DSP question
  187. E39 M5 stereo/navigation upgrade
  188. finally a new clutch
  189. Occasional Misfire on same cylinder, not plug or coil
  190. E39 M5 radio trouble
  191. Transmission Ramblings (Long)
  192. New LED Projector Fog Lights in E39 M5 (and M-Sport) Fitment
  193. E39 530i sport w 65K mi on BAT
  194. FEELER: OEM Fire Extinguisher Bracket Replica
  195. Opinions
  196. Rear brake rotor/pad size
  197. Why the Same Rear Door Actuator Fails?
  198. Change gear ratio diff
  199. Third New M5 owner in January & Initial Impressions
  200. Timmay Tips
  201. Stiffer than usual steering wheel
  202. Buying 2000 M5 with bad motor.. video attached.. Need advice
  203. Looking for Install instructions for Dinan Velocity Stacks
  204. New E39 M5 Owner
  205. Warning about ebay correcting negative feedbacks
  206. E39 M5 HREs
  207. Well, that didn't last long
  208. Motul DCTF Tranny Fluid
  209. Rear suspension overhaul advice
  210. Dinan Springs w/ Blistein B8 Experiences?
  211. Where are people sourcing new wheels from?
  212. Junk
  213. Any Intel on this 03' M5?
  214. New OEM Wheels
  215. Dme function inlet vanos bank 2
  216. Persistent 0D Precat 02 code
  217. more E39 in the news: Grassroots Motorsports
  218. E39 m5 cai
  219. opinions - changing oil weight for winters
  220. Seat Repair Question
  221. 12V Socket No Power
  222. No Sound
  223. Larry Kosilla (AmmoNYC) Performs a full detail on Alex Roy's E39 M5
  224. Any latching E38/E39 switches?
  225. dinan rear spring overall length
  226. What is this part (stereo equipment)
  227. Exhaust
  228. Sunroof shade part number help!!!
  229. New stant thermostat leaking - how to seal?
  230. Choice of two cars - what would you do?
  231. M Texture Reproduction
  232. What happened?
  233. E39 M5 Axle Flange popping out of differential
  234. NCS Expert profile
  235. What measures airflow for AA 170 SAI?
  236. A Small Conglomerate of M5 Owners...
  237. Short Velocity Stacks on S/C results!
  238. Article: The E39 M5 was peak BMW, so grab it while you can
  239. 2000 M5 protection mode at 1/4 tank
  240. E46 owner going to E39 input
  241. 3/00 m5 that needs some love
  242. E39 M5 Owners Midlands, UK
  243. Rear knuckles and Guide links question
  244. 11-untouched-1994-bmw 5 series
  245. Finally, Supersprint headers and bunch of other items done!
  246. About to pull the trigger on a Dynavin N7
  247. Pulled the pin on a 2001 grenade / bought the cheapest clean title m5
  248. Quad Xenon headlight project.
  249. 2002 Individual Aegean Blue E39 M5
  250. Help with noise location please
  251. Dinan S3 M5 Tire Replacement
  252. blacked-out grill
  253. DIY: SuperSprint "Race" Cans w/V-band install
  254. Peake code 50
  255. Side mirror alternatives?
  256. New Owner E39 M5
  257. DIY: E39 M5 differential axle seal repair help
  258. which interior?
  259. weird dash issues
  260. e39 M5 audio problems: some speakers not working?
  261. Water pump/vibration damper questions
  262. Intro and the dumb questions that follow
  263. Speed and load related sound
  264. Door mirrors permanently dark
  265. Missed Connections: Buddies Old M5 - Alpine White / LeMans Blue
  266. What the heck is this module in the trunk?
  267. AC Schnitzer parts authentication
  268. ABS/DSC hydraulic module replacement
  269. Supersprint Headers + Cat Delete + Stock Resonator + Stock Muffler
  270. Peake Reader R5/fcx3 adapter?
  271. A/C Parasitic Battery Drain
  272. stoptech st-60 caliper too close to rotor
  273. Another Shifter Question
  274. Possibly getting screwed on thermostat fix!
  275. Adding 1 quart every 2 weeks - Oil Change interval?
  276. Damnit! Pilot Sport A/S 3+ sucks!
  277. Engine noise
  278. Help - keep burning up fuel pump relays
  279. Help required oil leak on e39 m5 2001
  280. DIY: Custom illuminated door sills...
  281. M5 'Decision Time'
  282. Who Should I Send my Engine to For a Rebuild?
  283. Is this a good buy?
  284. Rebuilt S62
  285. Engine Fail safe mode
  286. PLX Devices - has anyone been successful?
  287. Final fairwell
  288. Turner e39 Poly shifter rear bushing
  289. Square wheel setup on stock suspension
  290. Airbag Cntrl Module coding
  291. Clutches
  292. E39 Bluetooth Upgrade Options
  293. My Brake Pedal Feel is Kicking My Butt...
  294. 2019 Calendar is now available.
  295. MK4 Coding / NAV Accept removal
  296. Front Subframe / Axle Carrier control arm mount. Repair or Replace?
  297. WANTED: 3.91 Ring & Pinion (210mm Large Case)
  298. Trying to Print a MPH Speedometer - Need Help w/ Dimensions
  299. E39 M5 Idling Very Rough
  300. E39 M5 Steering wheel upgrade
  301. Engine cutting out under load?
  302. While I'm in there
  303. E39 M5 Won't Cold Start
  304. DIY: Valve stem seals DIY.
  305. Power steering grinding noise after changing the mount
  306. Trying to bypass DSP but unsure how to tap radio harness!
  307. Buzzing Sound from Rear Speakers Subwoofer
  308. Resolving Fault Code Memory List & ABS Module Trifecta Lights
  309. M5 with M-tech interior
  310. E39 m5 passenger side mirror issue
  311. Brake line / master cylinder issue ?
  312. E39 M5 Rear wheels Style 65
  313. Springs for supersprint headers?
  314. M Logo: Replace or Paint
  315. E39 M5 Mirror repair kit
  316. 10k mile e39 m5 sold for $60k
  317. DSC light only?
  318. Spare S62 motor, what to do?
  319. yet another AM/FM signal thread!
  320. Weird coolant issue
  321. Brake nut Brake hardline repair
  322. Radio Tape Eject
  323. E39 M5 Evolve Headers Software
  324. E39, Bluetooth and Samsung Galaxy 8
  325. Mileage on Our Beasts
  326. Wildly inaccurate OBC MPG readings
  327. Anyone close to La Crosse, WI to help inspect a potential E39 M5 purchase?
  328. E39 M5 Sells for Record $176K at Pebble Beach Auction
  329. M5Board stand at Gaydon 2019 ?
  330. Broken fog light bracket - options?
  331. Chain Tensioner Question Regarding Start Up
  332. Trailering the E39 M5
  333. New (old) shocks and springs
  334. What part of my trunk radio/nav is this? And how do I remove it?
  335. Just cleaned vanos and replaced CPS - still chasing 1 code
  336. Great price on BMW genuine motor mounts
  337. S62 DP Race Engine Build
  338. Differential leaking - need some advice
  339. Will running two different diameter rear tires harm the LSD?
  340. Valve cover gasket install NNJ? Any Recommendations
  341. Augean Blue E39 M5 visit to NCB AutoKraft
  342. Coby Wheel Shift Knob
  343. Need angel eyes bulb advice
  344. E39 M5 is there a post with the complete fluid s`pecs
  345. PDC Issue
  346. Prices trend? (AKA "dorky question of the day")
  347. Window regulator - current wisdom?
  348. check coolant level after thermostat
  349. Productive weekend with many improvements
  350. Strange ticking noise (Video) after every long storage
  351. Brake hoses - preventive maintenance
  352. Similarities between S62 motors and the Mclaren F1 S70/2
  353. Think I shifted to 2nd instead of 4th
  354. Tire decals for spice
  355. New daily... 2013 M5
  356. CD Changer that plays MP3's
  357. Attention TALL E39 pilots, free extra leg room
  358. Observations going from a 2000 540/6 speed to a 2000 M5
  359. Observations from working on my new E39 M5
  360. Help: M5 Purchase
  361. M5 suspension question
  362. Monoball question
  363. Coolant temps via OBD2
  364. Power Steering Fluid question for 2000 M5
  365. Oil question
  366. Motul DCTF in our 6 speed?
  367. Inexpensive Coil Packs
  368. Direct Tire Wheel Refinishing
  369. E39 M5 - Best polish for heavy swirls ?
  370. M5 car insurance "deal"
  371. Intro - 2003 M5
  372. HPS intake - MAF wires?
  373. What is A/C Auxiliary Water Pump
  374. M5Board Bro Pics
  375. And yet another reason why I prefer to work on my own car
  376. Thank you George and The M-Chanics Team!
  377. Using 98 540i 6 speed transmission in 2003 M5?
  378. New M series sales brochures on eBay
  379. Just graduated and became an M5 owner
  380. E39 M5 Spring Or Wheel Rates
  381. BC coilover 9k/7k shock setting. Please chime in!
  382. Diff not locking? Car doesn't want to slide
  383. What Oxygen sensors I should buy
  384. Cam Sensors - OE or Aftermarket?
  385. Clunk noise from Rear when quickly re-apply throttle
  386. How to sell an E39.
  387. How long for LTFT's to update after resetting adaptations
  388. DIY: Need help with low mileage 2000 E39 M5 I'm looking to buy.
  389. DIY: Would like some help deciding on my first ceramic coating.
  390. Who in the UK can flash my ecu and remove the P0411 code
  391. Fuel Sensor / pump
  392. Freakin f#%{. : thinking it’s totaled
  393. I'm really not understanding BMW rear main seal replacement recommendation
  394. Engine rebuild / supercharge
  395. Keys not working remotely in a 2000 e39
  396. Tow Hook License Plate Holders
  397. Floppy shifter
  398. Some free exhaust porn for you guys
  399. Seat Adjustment Issues
  400. Has anybody used this brake hoses kit?
  401. BMW Scanner Does Not Find ABS Module after Repair
  402. Advice on upgrading M-audio subs
  403. new rod bearings and timing chain
  404. Unable to reach "PROG" menu in cluster?
  405. I think I scored good one
  406. Clutch Replacement - 'Kitchen Sink' vs 'Practical' parts list & Questions.
  407. Headlight rebuild with theatrical gel color
  408. 2003 M5 - The resurrection
  409. Electrical gremlins
  410. Revive MRSZ4 Airbag Module (internal 240 error)
  411. Dinan shock question
  412. E39 M5 67k Miles Peake Code: B2 & 35 HELP!!
  413. Exhaust note, want deep rich bass tone
  414. Tial BOV question
  415. Cheap boost gauge with peak
  416. Front window regulator questions
  417. E39 m5 (uk)
  418. PPI Shop Recommendations Near Providence, RI
  419. Long time lurker, new 2000 M5 owner
  420. DIY: How to restore E39 M5 leather to new look in 1 evening
  421. Where does this bracket go?
  422. Rear subframe diff mount just broke in half. What are my options for repair
  423. S62 Rattling/Knocking noise
  424. 2000 Carbon Black M5 journal
  425. E39 Climate control problems!
  426. Rats! Totaled! Looking for Advice on Insurance Claim
  427. Why does my DINAN exhaust hang low like this?
  428. e39 M5 Wheel Hub Spline Count
  429. Cheap repair or replace whole thing ?
  430. e34 M5 aluminum brake rotors and pads
  431. M5 smoking on deceleration
  432. New headlights - go with stock?
  433. Need carbon black hood and bumper
  434. No power to Aux Fan
  435. Gold reflective tape on drivers side MAF vs. IAT sensor relocation?
  436. European Road Trip 2018 - Pic Heavy!
  437. Anyone consider the E89 cupholder for the M5?
  438. High indicated intake air temp-LOW TORQUE/POWER! and change of tires = increased power?
  439. Rod Bearings- While I'm there
  440. Anybody know of reliable cat recycler?
  441. VANOS Codes and Misfires- is this just solenoids?
  442. AUX fan shroud rivets
  443. How much do stock cats attenuate noise?
  444. DIY: Ground Control coilover, front wheel bearing install
  445. Yellow brake and DSC light. Code 117. Brake light switch?
  446. E39 Euro center console cover/compartment
  447. Diff mounted at an angle? Vibration issue..
  448. Great...we own one of the least reliable 5 series...
  449. Anyone here works with BMW INPA 5.0.6?
  450. Identification of master cylinder ports
  451. A saga with a happy ending...
  452. Which LCM to replace E39 M5
  453. My Brake Booster may be bad?
  454. Diaphragm springs
  455. New Japanrot / Hellrot e39 M5 owner in Texas Intro & Build thread
  456. Goodbye E39(selling) hello F10
  457. Need help with SES & codes
  458. E39 M5 in LA (The "mu5")
  459. Blinkers on and behaving weirdly
  460. Accessory belt install question.
  461. Clunk/Rumble sound
  462. Considering a 2002. Advice Needed
  463. Early stages of my exhaust system build (X pipe on a budget)
  464. E39 M5 MAF connector (plug) pn.
  465. Just in case you're tempted but please don't do it.
  466. E39 M5 DSP Oddity
  467. Control arm replacement: Turners mono ball package?
  468. Persistent b9 code ... what else could it be?
  469. Clutch Squeak
  470. RK Supercharger bracket mount problem
  471. Another audio post - help
  472. Pre-Supercharger Help
  473. Coding to enable auto-door lock when driving
  474. Learn me on vinyl wrap
  475. DSC Light ON after steering wheel replacement.
  476. Valve Cover Refinishing - Paint or Powder Coat?
  477. Ceika Big Brake kit... 4 year update
  478. Installing custom Spal electric fan (clutch fan delete) and retaining OEM look
  479. A/C compressor problems, need help figuring out what's happening!
  480. Question about brake rotors
  481. I just realized that M5 doesn't come with brake cooling ducts (did the search, but still a question)
  482. Under Seat Fire Extinguisher?
  483. Ambient temperature plug
  484. New to the forum - 2003 LMB M5
  485. Plastic liners under the car
  486. Duterte crushing Dinan e39 M5
  487. Picture request: jack and tire inflator properly stored in trunk
  488. What's everyone using for radar detectors these days?
  489. Wheel Bearing / Brake Judder
  490. Possible timing chain noise
  491. ABS Module coding issue
  492. What is this hose?
  493. Has anybody recently used Corteco brand engine mounts?
  494. DIY: Need detailed instructions for ISTA+ DCS system flush
  495. S62: Lower plenum removal problem
  496. Made a video-e39 M5 Dinan S3
  497. Koni Adjustment on Stock Springs
  498. Safe to start the car after introducing slack in the timing chain?
  499. Source for Rebuilt Calipers
  500. could use some advise on a possible purchase
  501. New kid on the block for parts buying
  502. Supersprint headers take 3
  503. Help! Battery dead don't have 4 digit code to start car
  504. $180,000 e39 m5
  505. BMW TIS for S62
  506. Is there a way to check if the water pump is on it's way out?
  507. gremlins and ghosts
  508. Need advice ASAP: clutch failure, go for LW flywheel and new clutch
  509. P0335 or Alarm
  510. caliper rebuild, master cylinder, Castrol SRF React, INPA ABS bleed
  511. e39 m5 sitting for years...
  512. 2018 Brake Pad Recommendations?
  513. M5 is finally running right
  514. Fixing antenna in trunk - help needed
  515. looking for front brake calipers to rebuild
  516. DIY: Cylinder head removal, rebuild and re-installation
  517. Impacts of 50K difference in mileage?
  518. 00 M5 Timing Chain Mess & Vanos/Timing Gear Broken (Having a little panic attack)
  519. Cylinder Head Overhaul
  520. E39 Value, What are these guys smoking??
  521. Anybody wants 2 almost new Bosch MAF's for cheap?
  522. How to beat the High Price of Shipping?
  523. HELP: Style 65 - original, fake or refinished?
  524. Has anyone ran 225/55/17s before?
  525. Good Indy Shop in Edmonton Area
  526. What would you do...paint or buy?
  527. Instrument cluster not displaying functions
  528. Vendor for caliper rebuild/refinishing?
  529. Fault codes 89 and 99
  530. Just replaced spark plugs and fuel filter
  531. Vancouver, Canada meet-up/Drive
  532. Anyone in Raleigh with B8's?
  533. Where to buy black shadow chrome grill kidneys
  534. Peake Code Help Plz
  535. Reflection on a classic
  536. Silencer / Muffler delete and new UK MOT exhaust mod restrictions
  537. Style 42s as winter?
  538. Servotronic and speed inputs
  539. Removing NAV "accept" screen
  540. P1117 Code
  541. Slight intake whistle sounds like vac leak
  542. saw this almost new e39 M5
  543. Lessons learned from timing chain and guides
  544. Tinted front window OE?
  545. Koni Install Help!
  546. Occasional (rare) "tire control inactive" warning on the cluster...?
  547. Fuse 4 Battery drain & General Module
  548. How hot does the inside of your trunk get with Dinan / aftermarket exhaust?
  549. After 18 years she has a new owner.
  550. New member intro 2001 Titan silver M5
  551. Review: Cobra Nogaro seats (uniquely street friendly fixed back bucket seat)
  552. Protip - If you're going with an aftermarket HID setup, buy quality ballasts
  553. Squared stock 65s on coilovers?
  554. F4/F5 BMW dash fault codes
  555. Year 2000 Not able to deactivate alarm
  556. Any source for the Hella European LED Kit for the 00 M5?
  557. How often do you use the Sport button?
  558. Auto-lock doors when start driving
  559. Evolve Alpha N tune and Atlanta emissions
  560. Fuel vapor smell in cabin when tank full
  561. Happy 10th Birthday - to me!
  562. Future M cars......
  563. Any KW users out there?
  564. Question
  565. Snapped studs in the rear hub - damnit
  566. Quietest aftermarket exhaust option with headers/cats/xpipe
  567. Throttle Body Removal - Do I need to Resync after installation?
  568. Brake pedal feel, engine on/off question...
  569. Cheap splash guard?
  570. gearbox noise
  571. Question for knowledgable Rheingold Diagnostic users
  572. Reputable ECU flash tuners?
  573. What tire pressures are you running?
  574. Eventuri intake sound
  575. Drive and Passenger Side Mirror Replacement- Aftermarket?
  576. Vehicles For Trade Websites?
  577. Electric fan/radiator - RK vs. Zionsville
  578. (In progress, need some help) Retrofit dual stage steering wheel in a pre 3/99 e39 M5
  579. Radiator crack
  580. Random SES light
  581. S62 engine not running good
  582. Rear Mount Turbo E39 M5 setup
  583. Plenum Off Tune Up - Should I Send Out the Fuel Injectors for Cleaning?
  584. Audio upgrades
  585. Spacers Needed?
  586. Rear end clunk unsolved need help
  587. M62/S62 Block height
  588. Installed: Cobra Misanos with Brey Krause E39 bottom mounts (retains OE sliders)
  589. Driving dynamics : Differences between DSC and DSC-off
  590. Guibo Hitting Shift Linkage, Anyone?
  591. Stoptech Brake (not BBK) kit
  592. Pre-Facelift Halogen -> HID?
  593. Leaking Differential - Opinions Wanted
  594. Monoballs - actually rebuild-able?
  595. Boot height stock vs (Rogue) SSK
  596. After 12 years, and tons of fun...selling the 2003
  597. WTB euro black Napa leather arm rest (solid no phone)
  598. Anyone have clear bra/PPF on their M5?
  599. oe to square front tire wear
  600. Torque spec request - VANOS oil line banjo bolt
  601. I’m back in the game...my stunning new m5
  602. Timing being pulled from cylinders 1,2,7 & 8, knock related?
  603. M5s at PVGP
  604. 100K Interior Refresh
  605. Seat memory inop: help please
  606. Monoballs in lower control arms worth it?
  607. rear swing arm reinstall - tips/tricks?
  608. @#[email protected]#$ Headlights
  609. Steering Box
  610. Public service announcement
  611. Chicago M5
  612. Sometimes I wonder why I work on cars
  613. What rims are these? Please help
  614. Very good price on set of 8 NGK 3199 plugs
  615. If you have ever had a bad Crank Sensor fail read here
  616. Does anyone have the part number the pins used in the odb2 connector?
  617. Idler pulleys - what is the clip for?
  618. radio signal interference USB charger
  619. Need a carfax report
  620. DME Error
  621. Transmission Grinding, Banging?!
  622. 2002 LMB/LMB 120k miles, average DD condition -- what's it worth?
  623. MASS State Vehicle Inspections and Modifications
  624. how to remove Ski Bag with fold down seats?
  625. Checking cam timing FYI
  626. windscreen replacement
  627. E39 M5 DSC still kicking in when turned off
  628. Very echo-y sound from the stock head unit
  629. What part is this trim piece under the hood?
  630. Why does my engine sound like a diesel?
  631. Junk S62 head in Houston area?
  632. Seeing if anyone is interested BSW subwoofer
  633. S62 Vanos Circuit Gurus Help Needed!
  634. My Dynavin N7 Review
  635. Imola red factory racing spec engine project (the story)
  636. Old BMW accessories book found.
  637. differential questions
  638. Timing Chain Tensioner and potential for Chain Skip
  639. Retrofitting stock M5 mufflers
  640. E39 m5 carpet trunk mat spotted on ebay!!
  641. Where to find an active download for DIS?
  642. Anybody used this place for mirror repair lately? TIA
  643. Car won't start (Problem Solved)
  644. front license plate tow hook and PDC
  645. CPS and TPS renewal and some Problems
  646. Low torque at low rpms...STILL. Please help!
  647. HPDE on stock brakes?
  648. Feels like the long term owners have been selling off recently
  649. Great alternative to BMW coolant at about 50% less
  650. My BAT experience as a seller.
  651. E39 M5 Clutch Pedal Feels Relatively Light, Is This Normal?
  652. Deleting Thread in for sale forum?
  653. Do our cars just run rich from the factory?
  654. Ethanol-free gas
  655. Rear brake hose fitment, this "correct" hose doesn't fit... Help!
  656. My comprehensive waterpump breakdown...failed to do prevetive maintenance!
  657. DIY: Timing chain guides
  658. Wheel offset question for +20 wheels
  659. Engine failsafe Prog Help
  660. Gas smell outside and tank related codes
  661. No codes for thermostat?
  662. Air intake under front valance
  663. Attached images
  664. So who can still RELIABLY tune this car?
  665. How many here had to replace coolant expansion tank?
  666. Help! Water leak out of the front passenger corner of my sunroof cassette. Gutter not clogged
  667. bowed out leather in the curve front of the handbrake lever, any solutions?
  668. Cat efficiency codes
  669. Need Help! Can't Order Euro Dash Part
  670. Body shop botched a touch up, what now?
  671. Passenger mirror not going up and down
  672. New Member Imola Red M5
  673. E39 M5 - Rod/Main Bearing Replacement?
  674. Bent both fender lips?
  675. Is this a good deal? Tire question
  676. Electric Fan Conversion - Has anyone used Dakota Digital -
  677. E39 540i/6 Scheifer Green?
  678. Save the M!
  679. Help with bleeding clutch slave cylinder
  680. Ebox cover - what a pain
  681. Easy and inexpensive way to get back up key for your beast
  682. DIY: Spoiler position
  683. Stripped Vanos banjo bolt hole
  684. Installed MKIV Nav Comp, Stereo No Longer Works
  685. Rear Seats Armrest Keeps Dropping Under Braking
  686. M5 E39 Front Bumper Replacement Alternative
  687. E39 m5 going up hill sluggish on 2nd and 3rd
  688. Indy or knowledgeable owner willing to assist or perform Timing Chain Guide Replacement or Rod Bearing for a fee in the Southeast?
  689. Oil hose question
  690. Which m5 to buy
  691. Rear wheel offset + spacers = really low offset
  692. Hella LED tail light upgrade error
  693. Washed the car, then all four turn signals no longer worked
  694. Stereo guys: Steering wheel control wire.....
  695. Electronic trunk release gremlin
  696. Supersprint Magnum exhaust installed, good and bad
  697. Simple but stupid question
  698. A Well Deserved Shout Out
  699. E39 M5 Alarm is automatically setting
  700. DIY: Wireless cell phone holder for M5

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