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As a doctor, you learn to be very pessimistic, especially when things sound to good to be true. I was working late last night. With nothing to do (Sunday nights are always slow), I decided to watch Speedvision and they had an infomercial about the ZMax system. If anyone else has seen it, they make it sound like a miracle in a bottle: "ZMax improves cold startups, increases engine life, increases fuel mileage by at least 10%, helps your transmission run smoother, increases power and performance, and decrease noise." Could all of these claims actually be true? I quite honestly doubt this, but if anyone has tried the system, your comments would be greatly appreciated.

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Money wasted. Remember that Slick50 crap... the government sued the bastards for false claims. Besides a placebo effect in your mind, this stuff has historically done nothing besides lighten your wallet. And in the case of the M5 engine, my money says BMW would be less than happy if you pour this crap into the motor. Just my 2 cents.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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