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...and some info from Scott26:

To Fix what is broken ?
It is of knowledge in media circles over the performance sales wise of the BMW Z4 Roadster in which true in some markets it is exceptional in others it fares poorly to competition like the SLK and Boxster - offering advantages to the Z4 disadvantages.

With the appearance of the BMW Z4 Coupe concept at the IAA , BMW are now setting out to fix what is broken.
( I knew the Z4 Coupe was to be unveiled but was not allowed to tell , even though I did )
With the Z4 coupe BMW are indefinetly aiming straight at the growing small performance coupe market. With the SLK offering advantage of a fixed folding roof and Porsche now whetting appetites with the Boxster based Cayman S.

How does the Z4 Coupe aim to be above the Z4 Roadster ? For instance the car is a lot more stiffer , The weight disadvantages are not too much different and are very much in the same league , Lightweight material are heavily featured in the coupe especially in the distinctive roof .
The distinctive wheels are also confirmed for production . But BMW are setting out the coupe to drive differently from the roadster something that will really tackle the opposition.

The BMW Z4 Coupe or as it will be known ( Z4 CS - Coupe-sport) is exactly similar to the production car that will arrive in markets by Summer. Marketing has forbidden use of the lower roadster engines in the coupe - the Coupe will only receive the current new six cylinder engine and then BMW;s upcoming Twin turbo six cylinder , Do not rule out diesel , such engines are a possibility. There will definetly be a M-Powered coupe featuring the engine from the M3 CSL , along with distinctive M styling features such as quad tail-pipes.

BMW also have the idea for a completely lightweight MZ4 coupe (MZ4 CSL)- utilising carbon fibre roof and body panels and a lightweight interior , This will be distinctive from theother M model as it will run the BMW V10 engine from the M5/M6 - in production form 507 BHP - which would make for a crazy performance coupe - The Z4 coupes long bonnet easliy incorporates the V10 engine. Brakes will be tuned to match the collossal power output the car will give - BMW;s plans is to offer this for production as a ltd edition model.

The production car will be unveiled in January along with the Z4 roadster update and the M roadster,
Again the Z4 CS will be built in the US.

In describing the previous Z coupe Former BMW R&D chief Wolfgang Reitzle described the car as a " childs Toy" . When the Z4 coupe arrives the childs toy will have evolved into a adults plaything.

The sublinimal message _ although not shown, the Z4 coupe also gives a preview of the future , the distinctive rear bootlid that can only be BMW that raises with the whole car is an idea that will be featured on the BMW Cross-over although the glass area will be more steeply raked -
Now that the development has started expect a announcement at the Detroit motor show as BMW begin to get the public to gaze into the future.
With their upcoming products SAC , RFK and the CS.
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