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Year 1 of M5 life

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Rather unexpectedly I've had my '99 M5 for a little over a year now. I took it as a trade off for an A4 quattro in December 2009 knowing it was a little bit tatty (despite the 72k on the clock) with the intention of giving it a good clean and selling it as soon as the scottish winter ended. However after about 5 minutes with it kind of grew on me which is a bit surprising because I've always been an audi man. It was utterly useless during the winter (although i did get it up the lecht skiing 1 day!!) but what a car for the money. So I decided to keep it for a little longer and put a little bit of money into it. A little has turned into a little bit more and a little bit more and I'm getting a bit OCD with it now trying to make it as good as it can possible be using only OEM parts.

So far Ive done this:

A Damn good clean!
Full set of disks and pads (now done about 6k)
Blast and respray drivers sill and inside filler cap due to minor corrosion
Mk4 Nav and 16:9 screen
New leather OEM ****er
Cellis Rear Lights OEM
Non Xenon Angel eyes OEM
Full set of Polly Bushes.
Wheels straightened, stripped and refinished in shadow chrome with new OEM centre caps etc.

Purchased but not yet Fitted:

A full set of genuine Badges
New OEM Kidney Grills
Genuine Titanium Trim kit (after hunting for a year!)
New front splash guards near and offside.

Purchases/Tasks before putting on the road again in the spring:

New Bonnet (thanks to a collision with a low flying pigeon at about twice the legal speed limit)
Have front bumper resprayed at same time as bonnet and possibly renew all front grills - undecided
Renew all fuel lines
Have leather profesionally refurbished and repair small tear on rear seat
Service Vanos
Investigate options for a new oil cap to reduce oil loss

A fair bit of work then! But I reckon I'm about half way to where I want to be. It already looks and goes a damn site better than it did when I bought it. I took it off the road in November and tucked it up for the winter so I can't really class it as a daily driver anymore. I have an old landcruiser for daily duties but when I get the M5 to where I want it to be I'm seriously considering a 540 or 530d touring as a daily hack/project so if anyone knows of a manual version of either with reasonable miles and a decent colour/interior combo anywhere in the uk then keep me in mind!

Hopefully come summer time I will be able to get involved in some of the uk meets, I dont need much of an excuse for a good drive. I'm considering a trip to europe this year either for le-mans or some other race weekend mabey wtcc or dtm or something, could be a good chance for some of the uk guys to meet up with the mainland europe folks ;)

Anyway, thats the story so far, I'll try get some pictures up in a couple of weeks when I get back from work.

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It surely sounds like your M5 fell into good hands. Best of luck with it. Great value for money, these E39s - I'm about halfway through year 11 of M5 ownership.

BTW I made it up to the Lecht in a '74 XJ6, generally driving Ken Block style. If that thing could make up it there, any car can!
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