Items For Trade:

I am looking to get back into a manual E60 M5 and have for trade my 2005 Lotus Elise in Saffron Yellow.

Short and skinny of the parts list is:

Volk TE37’s with Falken RT660’s (3k miles)
BOE Rear toe arms
Inokinetic V2 front camber arms
BC Coilovers
LED Headlights

Perfect condition track car, 45k miles and the a/c works wonderfully. Car does carry a rebuilt title due to a small fender bender that caused the front clam to need to be repaired (insurance companies will total these out immediately due to how much front/rear clams cost). I welcome a PPI at your discretion as I have yet to find any evidence at all of where/anything was impacted. The vehicle was repaired at Wirewheel (absolute best Lotus service/repair place in the US) and was bl

Will Trade For:

Manual E60 M5