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I recently brought a set of pulley from a member on this board. I'm starting to worry if I install the pulley they might void my warranty. I live in LA County btw, not sure how serious they are with the warranty around here. Has anyone installed the Evo Sport pulley without any hassle from the service adviser?
Anyways if someone want to trade, PM me or Email me at [email protected]. My Evo Sport pulley looks fairly new, everything is included, belt's, bolt's, etc. It still in the original box.
I'm looking for a RPi with the matching factory pulley color. I'm not looking to sell it, just trade. The only way I will sell it is, if you find someone that is selling a RPi pulley, then I will sell it to you for the exact same price to buy the other pulley. What are the chance of that, so this is pretty much an straight up trade. Prefer local, but I will send out of state.
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