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WTB: E39 M5 3.15 LSD Diff (yep another one...)

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Yep another one of those E39 540i owners looking for a 3.15 LSD diff. :rolleyes: Can you blame me?

If you have one lying around and wouldn't mind parting with it then please let me know with a price. I don't mind driving a little outside of the Chapel Hill, NC area nor do I mind paying for shipping.

The general going rate seems to be somewhere b/t $750-900 so please let me know what you have.

I have money ready and waiting for the right "one" so if you need to clean some room in your garage and want to recoup a little bit of money I'm here!

Thanks fellas!

***Also if you have the driveshaft then that is just a little extra bonus!***
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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