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Seems to be a bit of a lull in the market right now or my tastes are narrowing. Either way, I figured it's a good enough time to post my own "want to buy" here.

I've been looking to buy an e39 M5 since November. I feel like I've learned a lot, mostly by lurking around this board, and have a good idea what I'm looking for. I've test driven 5 local M5s and considered many more. Some have had potential and either we couldn't agree on a price or something just caused me to drag my feet long enough for it to sell to someone else. I've had no regrets of missed opportunities though since nothing has been a perfect fit yet and I'm not in a hurry.

Right now my ideal M5: Clean 2003 Le Mans Blue, Caramel Interior, ~50k miles, no major issues or accidents, ~$25,000.

Other Stuff:
- Options are a definite plus. In order of importance: Rear fold down seats, M Audio, Sun Shades, Parking assist.
- Mostly stock, but "nicely modded" is good too.
- Lower miles is good and maintenance history is important.
- Would rather not be facing immediate known big expenses unless the price reflects it. Thinking tires, brakes, inspection II, etc.
- Prefer the latest model I can find.
- Other exterior colors of interest: Chiaretto Red, Imola Red, Carbon Black
- Not too partial to silver, jet black, or white.
- Not too picky on interior, but prefer Caramel, then black. I like the wood trim over aluminum. The two tone interiors are ok, but not my favorite.

I live near Seattle and am willing to travel up to around 1000 miles for the right car at the right price. I don't just have $25,000 burning a hole in my pocket, but am a gainfully employed adult with good credit and pre-approved. I can show up with money within a couple of days (schedula permitting). Again, I'm in no hurry, so if there's some reason need to rush the deal, then I'll pass. If your neighbor's uncle's best friend is interested and offering you $26k, then by all means, take it. I'd rather take my time, get a PPI, and do the due diligence to make a smart purchase from someone who has taken good care of their M5 and can demonstrate it. I'm not very interested in dealers either unless the car's history is clear and it's not needlessly marked up in price.

If you have or know of an M5 that will be available within the next few months that you think I should consider, let me know. I'm pretty new here, and don't know if I can receive PMs, so you can mail me at matt (dot) cohen (at) hotmail (dot) com.

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