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Hey all,

Long time lurker. I was hunting for an M5 here and there about a year ago-got burned on a terrible ad listed on facebook marketplace, and decided to go with a miata instead and save up some coin. After a year of lusting and lamenting, I'm back on the prowl. I'm looking for a very clean, turn key, needs nothing example. Not a concourse car- but a car that can be enjoyed and appreciated from the get go. No projects.

Looking for a facelifted (2001-2003) M5.

-Open to most colors, very preferential to any rarer colors or alpine white. Least desired would be jet black, titanium silver, anthracite grey.

-NO rebuilt/salvage titles. Accidents are ok if you can show extensive history.

-Mileage I'm not too worried about, preferably something sub 200k, but if its babied and has extensive service records, that's ok.

-Speaking of service records-must have record of vanos, coolant, and timing guides/tensioners done. Clutch history preferred too.

-Mods are welcomed, but I'm a little more picky with those. For suspension, coilovers must be something like bilstein, no cheap ebay stuff. Exhaust stuff is subjective, but Dinan would be preferred. Headers all the way back to mufflers welcome :) Aftermarket wheels would be welcomed, notably BBS LM/LMR/E88 etc.

-No heritage seats, 2 tone point seats preferred.

-Open to shipping. I live in North Carolina for location reference.

Detailed photos/videos can be PM'd here, but preferably emailed to [email protected]- much easier for organization purposes.

Thanks in advance all! If you do PM or email, please comment here.
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