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All -

I'm a lifelong BMW fan. A couple 740s and a new M5 are in the family. My 01 540i Sport recently caught on fire and is likely totaled. So I've got an itch for a car I've always wanted.

I currently live in Colorado and travel often to Phoenix, so that's where I'm looking - although I'm willing to travel within reason depending on the deal.

I'm looking for a clean '01 or '02 M5 in either black or silver. Under 30K for sure, as I want to get a warranty and have a thing about not being in debt. Gotta wait for insurance to come through too, so I'm still a couple weeks away from making a decision and am willing to take longer to have the right car (I took months in picking out my 540).

I'm partial to the solid (not the 2 tone) interiors and the aluminum finish, although the wood one is ok too. I'm also partial to a bone stock machine.

I figured I'd ask here as I've been referred here a few times and you guys know your shtuff.

So :byee55amg and thanks for helping. :D
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