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The E39 M5 has been my dream car for over a decade and I finally have the finances and time to purchase and care for such a beautiful beast.

Looking for a well-maintained, clean 2001-2003 with about 100k miles. I prefer Alpine White though am open to other lighter colors such as Anthracite or Sterling. Prefer black interior. I'm looking for something that won't require any major maintenance work in the next year or so.

Started off with a budget of $10-15k, but am willing to go a bit higher for the right car. I'm also willing to travel to pick up. :M5launch:

Thanks for reading, and good luck to all!

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Practically 1 owner, located in Miami. Original owner bought in 2000 and sold to a friend of his at the end of 2013 / early 2014, when it started throwing VANOS / CPS codes. Solution was refresh of CPS sensors and VANOS solenoids. That original owner's friend drove it for a few months, but really wanted a bike, so he sold it to me. I flew to Austin, drove the gentleman home from the airport, wrote him a cheque, went to get new tires installed, and did the 20+ hour drive with my dad with no issues.

MY 2000, Alpine White on Black Sport Leather interior.
~125k miles.
Full leather option, Alcantara headliner (no sagging)
Stock, except for E60 SSK and blackout grille
PPI report from Dr Beemer in Austin when I bought it, giving clean bill of health once VANOS solenoids were replaced.
LOOOTS of records from BMW of Austin, where it was serviced its whole life.
No issues, no CEL.
6-pc front end rebuild with Meyle components (~1k ago), with fresh alignment
Brand new Hella facelift tail lights.
Facelift steering wheel.
New front bumper, new door seals, exterior badging, oil level sensor, Technical graphite trim (good used), hood & trunk struts, floor mats, fuel filter, etc
Bridgestone Pole Position (<5k miles)

I also have a few mods that I have been ordering from a distance that I have yet to install, which could be negotiated:

- Lightly used Koni yellows (from board member who upgraded to coilovers), brand new Dinan springs and bump stops

- beautiful gloss black tips for a muffler delete

- Bi-Xenon EvoX-R Hella projectors and harware (from group buy)

- Magnetic engine oil plug

- (other, that I can't remember)

I love the car, and am not going anywhere from the M5 scene for a while. In spending money to maintain and bring it up to spec, I have realized how much it will cost to mod, and am just going to buy a car that has a lot of the modifications done already (preferably, Raza's Carbon Black Supercharged Machine)

I will track down some pictures and send along. If I keep it, I will tackle the following:

- tint on Driver's window is starting to bubble

- passenger side mirror glass has auto-dim fluid bubble

- rear-view mirror has auto-dim fluid bubble
- My dad says that the rear RH window started acting up intermittently recently

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How to View Different Options, especially colors.

In addition to what I posted above, wanted to see if you all had any ideas for the following problem:

Since I've only just become very serious about purchasing an E39 M5, I haven't paid much attention to exterior colors. Any ideas what I can do in order to see a few example of various colors in the flesh so I can decide what I want? The wife had the idea of posting here to see if anyone in the Atlanta area has an Alpine White or Sterling Gray I could come look at, just to see what I think of the color.

Maybe you all have some additional ideas for me; for example, are there local meetups or track days I could attend, and get to see some cars in real life?

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In case you are still in the market, I am selling my 2000 Alpine M5.
Some quick info:
2000 AW on black full leather
Dinan improvements: carbon intakes, larger airflow meter housings, reflash, exhaust, sprigs, shocks, rear sway bar, 3.45 diff.
Stock wheels painted gloss black
Body moldings painted AW
154k miles
I have a full list of maintenance/repairs and pictures that I can email over if you are interested.
Car is located in Charleston SC
Send me an email at [email protected] if interested.
Good luck in your search. They are great cars.
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