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Dr. Have you driven a Noble or an Elise for more than 20 minutes?? By looking at this car, it is fast, it might handle well, but trust me, comfortable and this car do not go toghther. Why spend $600k on fast speed bragging rights if the car is a pain to drive?

I can strap myself to a ACME rocket Wyllie Coyote style and be faster than this car, does that mean I want to...heck no.
I've driven a Noble for more than 20 minutes. :) It rides much better than a 997/996 Turbo, and is leagues better than something like an Elise (even with Ohlins set near soft) or GT3. The suspension is far more compliant and has longer travel. Frankly, the seats are better too.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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