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Well, at least that's what I hope it is. I was getting a bunch of codes, mostly like when one of my eCPS's went out, but Intake this time.

This seems to be randomly intermitten when it goes out but man when it is not functioning I swear I lose 200hp. The car is just a dog. Then after the next stop sign it's back on and I almost rear end the guy in front of me.

The new ICPS's (replacing both, just like I did with my eCPS's) are comming with all my new front end pieces so I can fix the front, then to the body shop for a whole new nose paintjob.

THen, the new BBS LMs will go on and I'll add the Dinnan SSK and gloss black interior trim.

All in all it should be pretty sweet in a month or so.

Maybe by then I'll spring for clear corner headlights and a hamman lip.

So, not really asking a question at all, just relating my story.

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