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Wonky cruise control

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My 2001 has an interesting cruise control problem.

In top gear it works fine until I start going down a hill steep enough to bring the speed up maybe 10 km/h,
then it disengages. I then have to set it again since the "resume" button will only work if I shut it off myself,
not the car doing it as described above.

It will sometimes work in 5th gear but will disengage anywhere between 30 seconds and 10 minutes later.
Then the car taken out of gear and put back in before re-engaging.

It works fine in 3rd and 4th gear apparently.

Any clue as to what is going on?
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Give the clutch and brake pedal switches a once over, both get regular use so I'd imagine they are likely to need some attention. Electrical function and working position should be checked. Usually they're pretty simple switches, sometimes they get dirty or are moved somehow (making the car think youve pressed the brake/clutch pedal).

Otherwise it could be a host of things. Abs sensor (for roadspeed signal) or engine speed sensor (crank sensor), I think it uses these to work out which gear you're using, doesn't it only work in 4th, 5th and 6th?

Brake and clutch switches are now on my afternoon list. Gotta grab the daughter and grandson from the airport

I love driving this car. I left Langley, drove up Cypress and into New West last night just for a drive.
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