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WindShield Replacement Cost and Where?

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I realize that some of you have had your windshields replaced because of cracks from rocks, but I do not recall a thread on it. I am having mine replaced because of just such a situation.

Where have you had it done and what was the cost? The estimate from the dealer was about $500 because of the rain sensor. Is this a reasonable number?

I also have a rearview mirror beginning to go bad. Part of the edge will not convert to night time darkness and this is growing. Don't you just love these high tech goodies that do nothing but cost 10 x what a nomal item would run and NOT fail in the process! grrrrrrr I believe the rearview mirror is a $500 item as well. For that cost I would probably go ahead and pay the extra money to get the mirror with the V1 incorporated in it.

Thanks for the feedback,

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