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Windshield Replacement – Wind noise solved

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Instructions here.

Windshield Replacement – Wind noise solved – 2002 BMW M5

Below is a solution to wind noise that you may hear on the top of your windshield if you have your windshield glass replaced.

I had my windshield replaced and the wind noise on the top edge was loud. I took it back several times and the installer attempted to correct the problem by back filling the top seam with epoxy. It did not work. I was able to make the noise go away by putting racing tape along the entire top edge of the windshield and the noise was silent.

The installer had no idea how to fix it, as it looked cosmetically correct. So I did some research and found that others on ( have had similar problems and they pointed me to a special alignment gauge that may be needed. I called my local dealer and asked about buying the gauge and my parts guy printed out the windshield replacement directions. This document showed the exact procedure and several special tools that are needed to properly install the windshield.

I suspected that the installer did not have these directions, and to confirm this I ordered one of the tools to check if my glass was in spec. The tool ($7) is a small plastic gauge that measures the difference in distance between the outside top of the glass and the roof of the car. I found that the glass had just been set in place and it did not meet spec. I took the tool to measure some of the existing new 5ers at the dealer and it fit exactly on those new cars.

The glass is supposed to be depressed several mm below the top of the roof to “prevent wind noise” per the instructions. The windshield needs to be “pre-tensioned” along the top of the glass and measured with this tool before the adhesive sets. The pre-tensioning is done by taping three special BMW tools (3 foam blocks) to the top of the windshield. The foam blocks are then strapped down with a lot of pressure by running tape across the entire top of the glass and locking it in place in the door jams.

My installer had never seen these directions and agreed to reinstall the windshield per the instructions. He ended up breaking the glass getting it out as the epoxy glued it in there too well. He put a new windshield in per the directions and no more noise.

Get your dealer to print out the instructions (12 pages) if you have this problem or if you ever need to have this work done. I can scan in the directions and put it in a .tif file if anyone is interested in reading these. If so, email me.

Below is what I presented my the installer:

BMW M5 Windshield Noise

1. Do you have a copy of the BMW Technical Service Instructions for the Windshield installation?

2. Did you use BMW tool 51 3 130 (pretension support tool)?

3. Did you use BMW tool 51 3 120 to measure proper alignment?

4. Did you pretension the top of the windshield?

5. Did you use new BMW spacer buffers prior to installing the windshield? Were they placed in the correct locations? Did you use expanding foam tape at the base of the windshield per the BMW instructions?

6. Do you use a pneumatic or electric cartridge gun to apply the adhesive bead?

7. Did you cut the nozzle on the tip of the adhesive cartridge with an 8 mm by 11 mm slot per BMW spec?

BMW Parts List:

Windshield 51 31 7 059 697 List $325 Cost $276.25

Sealer Tape 51 48 8 224 782 List $8.40, Cost $7.14

Molding 51 318 159 784 List $32.25, Cost $27.41

Spacer Buffers, qty 3, .48 each

Subtotal $312.24

BMW Tools Needed:

51 3 130 Pretension Tool $13.00

51 3 210 Alignment Tool $7.00

My insurance was charged $995.
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Excellent write up!

Wow. Your dealer installed a new windshield without reading the TIS?!?!? I read the TIS and all I was doing was replacing the gasket around the windshield!

I'd be looking for a new dealer. What else do they fix without reading the instructions? "To change oil: smash bolt-y thing with big hammer. Oil drain out fast. Next, cover hole with duct tape. Pour 2 quarts into radiator. Bill customer 14 hours labor. Done."

The dealer did not do it. They send everyone to a local glass place that is supposed to be an expert. I wish I could have let the dealer do the work.

I have to thank the dealer for providing me with the directions - which allowed me to solve the entire problem. Thank you Dave at Gault BMW!
Another fine and interesting piece of information I have added to my M5 documents collection in case I ever have my windshield replaced. I bet this procedure is hardly ever followed and problems definitely could result. Thanks for sharing and looking up all this stuff.
2002m5BGM said:
The dealer did not do it. They send everyone to a local glass place that is supposed to be an expert. I wish I could have let the dealer do the work.
Oh, my mistake. I read "installer" as a person who worked at the dealership, not an outside sub-contractor. My wife's X5 needed a new windshield a few months ago, and the dealer gave me assurance that they have a whole "kit" of factory parts, including the tools required, that they hand to the guy who comes in to do windshield replacements. He comes to the dealer, that way the car can sit in one place, allowing the adhesive to dry for 4-24 hours.

Glad it all worked out in the end.
Great informative post. Thanks for sharing the information with us. I am glad to see you got your situation corrected.
Great post! I just had my winshield replaced, I watched, and the guy did NOT do this. I haven't noticed any weird windnoise - but that's probably because I've been playing with the iPod and blowin' the blues harp to it.....

I will check it out. I will also print this out and take it to my installer. Even if I don't choose to have him re-do mine, he was a really good guy - and he'll appreciate it.

Thanks again.
Ditto re Greg's post. I thought it was a bit more noisy after the new windshield, but not bad, so I think I'll let them know but probably not force them to re-do it.
Great post! Is it still possible to get these instructions from you? I would like to have them by Friday for the installer - he is coming back because I'm having wind noise issues.

Thank you!
Yes - I think I have them still at home - I need your email address?

Thank you so much. I really appreciate it.
Agree, this is a good thread but where are the directions? Can we attach them to the thread? Brian, Gustav, anyone?
I still have the directions - .tif file. I do not know how to attach it.
I still have the directions - .tif file. I do not know how to attach it.
TIF files can be quite large... if you can't add it as an attachment (see the paperclip icon) then mail it to me- [email protected], and I will convert it to a more suitable format.

Here is the file with the directions.


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Good thread!
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great info, thanks!

could explain the top left hand corner wind noise rising steadily on mine as you approach 100mph...
Instructions in .pdf file

Here is another copy of the windshield R&R plus a second file on proper glueing.

These are very good quality, printed right out of the TIS.


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