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Will dyno my beast tonight!

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I will be taking the beast in tonight to get dynoed! This is the first time ever and the first dyno to be operated here in Bahrain!

What are your thoughts? What do you think the RWHP wil be? There might be a gift for the closest figure to be posted! :rolleyes:

I'm running 92 ocatane pump gas!
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355bhp at the wheels.

Between 330 and 340.
Remember to pull the fuses, and please make the run from really low RPMs too. We need dyno data from 800 RPM to redline, not just the ordinairy rev-band.

Also please make a note of the environmental parameters (air temperature, athmospheric pressure and relative humidity) and of what octane number fuel used.

You do know you need to pull fuses 17 & 30 from the fuse panel in the top of the glove box. This shuts the DSC down, and is necessary to get correct dyno results above 5500 RPM. If you do not pul those fuses, the engine will not rev above 5500 RPM with the front wheels standing still.

Some say you also should press the DSC button for 10 s until the DSC light goes out again.

After you have replaced the fuses, you will get an ABS sensor error message. Don´t worry about that. It will clear itself after you have driven a few hundered yards.

(The next time you service the car, just let the SA know that the error codes stored are due to your temporarily shutting down power to the DSC, so they don´t go chasing after a non existing intermittent sensor fault.)

Finally, when you are done with one dyno pull, please get a coast-down measurement, that is let the rear wheels deaccelerate on their own with gear engage but clutch pedal pressed while measuring the rate of retardation. This will give data on the rolling resistance, and hence allow you to correct for those losses.

Have fun at the Dyno-shop!

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I'ma guess 350 since nobody else has. But I think that's going to be a bit optomistic...

Good Luck, man!!!! Make us a nice video clip :thumbsup:
I say 336 RWHP.
Good luck, looking forward to your results, I should be hitting the dyno up as well in the coming days as soon as my clutch comes in and I will share my data as well, Josh
bmwusa said:
Good luck, looking forward to your results, I should be hitting the dyno up as well in the coming days as soon as my clutch comes in and I will share my data as well, Josh

If possible, try to get data from 800 RPM up to redline, please. We already have lots of data covering 2.5k-7k but no data below that. It would be very valuable for me and others to have as a comparison data for engines with a weak low-end torque.

assuming 92 octane is calculated the same way we do here in the US (R+M/2) i'd say around 340 give or take a few would be "average."
348 is my guess
341 and that is my final offer.... :haha:
At least 370 rwhp
My guess is 332 RWHP

I guess it will be around 334 RWHP.

Something wrong!!! Still NO NEWS ??????
Thank you guys for all the feedback!

Before i could dyno my car, memeber BRN64666 dynoed first! And this is what happened!

Like some of you said, we had no idea why the car wouldnt rev past 5500, until we called up Shadowman and he explained to us that the DSC fuse had to be removed, fuse 30 and 17 was removed!

What happened was that the car would now rev up to red line OK, but the SPORT feature wouldnt come on!!!!When re-connecting fuse 17, the sport feature would come back on again!!!!!!!

It was also discovered his car was running way too rich, something like 12:1 ! This dyno is RWHP dyno, and the max he got was 334hp!

member BRN64666 has a hamann HM450 M5, those outputs are way too low for his mods!! He shoudl be pumping out anywhere close to 370!!

Anyways, once all these issues have been clarified, i will run my beast!
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The DSC OFF switch does not work in thise case???
334 at only 5500 rpm sounds good to me. My car stock pulled 333bhp and that was at 7000 rpm. Lets see what happens when he takes it to his redline which is about 7500 rpm..

Shadowman told him his car was running rich and thats because he tuned his ECU to 99 octane. Let him reprogram his ecu and he should get a better output
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