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Will BMW CPO M6?

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while picking up my wife's car at the dealership, I was lamenting on resale value of M5 and M6s..

Dealership tech told me that one of the reasons the M5 are droping like stones (high 40's low 50's for an 06 on Manheim :eek:oohhh:) is because BMW will NOT cpo the M5 anymore. He did not know if they will or not CPO the M6..

Do you guys know?

The logic here is that if they don't do it for the M5 they will not do it either for the M6 hence we can expect some broken hearts (and wallets) in the near future for some of us proud owners.

If BMW will not do it, soon to be owners, better get the 6yr/100k coverage up front because it might be impossible to get it later on..

Any thoughts on this?

By the way this board is great!:thumbsup:
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