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Wild Idea

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I just had a pretty wild idea... I wonder if any of the German tuners like ACS or Hamann has done a E46 conversion and dropped in an M5 engine. I remember seeing Hamann having a V12 in the old E36, so I think it should be possible to fit an V8 into the E46.
The weight of the aluminum V8 should not be that much heavier than iron block I6.
Anyone care to comment on the feasibility of the end-product? I personally think that the car would have the nimble handling characteristics of the E46 while having the power and smoothness of the M5 engine.
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Torque=I*a; Where I is the rotational inertia and a is the angular acceleration (should be alpha, but I couldn't find the greek font). Reducing wheel mass does not increase the torque, it can increase the angular acceleration by reducing the rotating mass.
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