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Hi all :typing: my first post :blabla:

I own both the e34 535i (for sale) and recently got the m5

I see that the m5 is about 200kg :eek:oohhh: heavier than the 535i, does anybody know why this is? Surely the motor isn't that much heavier? :dunno:

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lets assume fully fuelled kerb weights....

The motor is probably 50kg more including ancilaries which include
air pump, oil cooler, additional fan, intake, greater oil & coolant capacities...

Additional equipment / optional equipment at least another 50-100kg
Larger battery,
Brakes/ Calipers,
Wheels/ Tyres,
Larger fuel tank,
Exhaust system with 2 Catalysts...

and potentially (but quite usually)
Air conditioning,
Electric seats,
Headlamp cleaning,
Alarm system.

Which brings us to around 150kg.......

And then you've probably got more weight in the
dual mass flywheel & clutch,
gearbox ( 6speeders carry addition weight here)

So there we go....
Anyone got a weight figure for the S38 motor ????
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