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Just want to rant a bit, first time owner of a bmw and a bit disappointed. I'm looking for a daily now that I got my dream garage queen and my wife's lease is up on her Q7 soon so we definitely won't be shopping at this dealership. BMW of XXXX, straight up OEM **** here.

Man, I really love the car, but I gotta say this is the most expensive and worst service I've had since I was like 16. That's a a couple decades. Figured things would be a bit more refined at a high end shop.

-Service center not at dealership with no indication or directions sent out via emailed appointment. 8AM appointment Spent 40 minutes circling dealership before someone answered phone (service opens at 7am but main sales/phones not until 9am). Checked in at 9:11 once I got directions and reoriented.
-Refusal to do transmission flush and fluid change because it can cause damage to transmission...
-They wouldn't reflash/update i drive for me.... because no requirement to do so...
-DVD map update on back order for a couple months...
-Air filters not in stock, 2.5 week wait time....
-4 hours for loaner because none were available, though I saw at least 20 leave the lot from my well positioned seating in the waiting room. Maybe I should suit up.
-Oil Change, state inspection, bmw pre-owned certificated check to look for basic issues, plus looking at a clutch noise, cold start noise, and belt noise. Kept overnight, had no status by end of day, status update first thing in morning was stated.
-Status update first thing in morning (open at 7) was at 11 and stated, was battery needs replaced (because it's aftermarket), belt noise is not profound enough to find and fix (heard at idle), cold start noise isn't loud enough even though it sounds like a wrecking bowl in a china shop for the first few minutes (heard at idle), clutch noise is normal (can be heard at idle). Maybe it's the extra cold weather this season, got daily ready and garage cleaned up so maybe indoor parking will help, got her in this evening.
-Got car back with 6 MPG average after handing it off to them with 13.5 avg and 20+ miles.
-Reasoning for MPG was a 30 minute idle for cold start noise diagnostics, that should drop it from 13.5......
-Clutch was slush when I got it back, at least compared to last 2 weeks of driving which clearly indicated some excessive driving. It was "warm" to say the least. "We were testing for clutch noise". -This is probably going to be a sooner replacement at this point then I thought. Yay.
-Driver side front side seat trim now messed up and came off as well as the back side of the power adjustments trim, this was perfect when I took it in but is not on any checks and they say and confirm it was normal when brought in and I must have done something to it, like adjusting my seat back into position from a midget beating the **** out of my car....
-Basically nothing they will do even after calling and talking to service advisor, customer service, tech, still couldn't get them to give me a manager for my questioning
-The parts, labor quote I asked for for their recommendations has never arrived
-During sign out of car, noone was to be found for loaner check in or keys for mine
-During cash out, three cashiers, but I had to wait in line behind one because the other 2 were apparently too busy talking about olympics to server customers
-Cafe food was ****
-Wifi provided was too slow to do any reasonable remote work during the 4 hour wait for loaner

I feel better already!!!!!!!! Plus the beast is in garage which gives me a smile every time I walk in to get meat or beer outta fridge

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I have to say, I have yet to have a pleasant experience at anything other than a Ferrari dealership once (not for myself but as a proxy for someone else, at that), in general the dealer model is broken and the incentives point in completely the wrong direction.

Find a good indy, stay away from the dealer at all costs. They despise working on these cars, and frankly I wouldn’t trust them not to f*** something up while they were at it as happened in your case.

This is the price we pay for owning a mass-produced 4 door F1 car for the street. This car needs the care & feeding one would give to a high-end exotic, but unfortunately the parent company has no interest at all. Only looking to see how they can get us into something new with a lease payment preferably.

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I've had nothing but pain when having to deal with dealerships, to the point I now consider them completely untrustworthy and not an option for my pride and joy.

Not sure what the model is for them over in the states but I do know over in the UK techs have to work to a set time limit for each job they do, there are financial incentives for them to finish within or under the time limit - finishing outside of the time limit results in the tech being penalised (they are measured on a set level of percentage efficiency every week / month).

Just about a year ago I had my car in at a Stealership to have the vanos high pressure oil line replaced and solenoids under my Mondial warranty, which they eventually wormed their way out of doing and so I got landed with a huge bill. Fast forward to this year and I had my conrod shells and other parts replaced by an independent and asked them to let me know of any issues they came across whilst doing it (I also had them replace the vanos high pressure line as they had the bottom end off anyway) - they came across a lot of issues:

Incorrect length bolts and screws used (too long)
Cross threaded bolts - including one on the high pressure vanos pump where the line wasn't seated correctly
Bolts with stripped threads
Numerous missing bolts & screws
The banjo bolt at the top of block for the vanos high pressure line was rounded off and massively over torqued almost to the point where they couldn't get it off

All of the above issues where the result of the work done by the dealership the previous year, also all the work I had done by the independent garage still came to less than half of what the dealership charged for their disgraceful work.

As a result of the above I now only take my car to the independent garage (which is across the other side of the country from where I live) and cancelled my Mondial warranty - I now put the monthly payments into a slush fund for the car.

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Anyone have Indy shop recommendations for east coast? Preferably Northern Virginia Area? I could always try the other bmw dealership near
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