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Why do they try? (or, another Maxima bites the dust!)

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Would have posted this on the "road kills" board, but it's pretty quiet over there...

Just another normal commute to work this morning on Route 495 in Massachusetts. This is a three lane highway with the normal complement of commuters driving 65-80. So I'm drafting in the left lane with the rest of the traffic when a white Maxima passes me on the right. Was that a "look" he gave me? Couldn't be serious, could he? So I pulled out behind him, and we're off. I passed him right away, and then it was a typical road battle, with one or the other of us getting jammed behind slower traffic, but I finally got an opening, and blew him and everyone else away. Amazing how quickly you can get up to a buck thirty in this car. When I signaled to get off at my exit (after 15 miles of high speed fun!), I could see him flash his lights (about a mile back), as if to say "Nice Job."

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Still undefeated!!
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Maxima? they are not worthy. I'd wait for some unsuspecting poseur in a 911, LT5 Mustang GT's (they're always looking for a fight).

Happy hunting!
Thanks for the invite but my weekends are booked til June. However, I'll be at the BMW CCA springfest at Haberstad BMW in late June, the Automobile magazine historic car show in Greenwich CT June 5th, and of course Spartanburg in October.

There are also the autocrosses at the Nassau coliseum throughout the spring & summer. I'll surely be at several of those.

Enjoy the ride!
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