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My windshield jet stream is pretty weak. I’d like to replace my pump, which one pumps to the windshield? Does the pump on the intensive tank operate the windshield jets?

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help is at your finger tips...

Step one: Parts ID: Vehicle electrical system | BMW 5' E39 M5 S62 Europe Yes they hid it under vehicle electrics all the way at the bottom.
M5's may have two tanks, regular hidden in the RF wheel well (rear towards door) and the other under the hood (Intensive)
The BIG tank has 1-3 pumps one little pump for the front and one big one for the Headlamp washers (if equipped).
IF you have an M5 wagon (not likely) there is a second small pump for the rear window wiper/washer)
If you have headlamp washers - There is a BIG pump attached to a large line that runs under the inner fender to the nozzles in the bumper.
Under your hood there is a SMALL washer tank (If equipped) that is a secondary pump that is activated by the switch on the end of your washer stalk.

Hoses - lots of them see images below
Spayers - two versions (with and without intensive)

Step Two: Repair Instructions
Pulling the tank:
Step Three: Everything you ever wanted to know about nozzle alignment, washer pumps, seals, screens, filler pipe, washer hose lines (upper and lower), electrical etc. Pre-winter inspection of my 2002 windshield washer system
Clean jets with a sewing pin as you have wax in them. Blow out with LOW pressure air.
Remove and flush out washer tank with a diluted Clorox mix 1/2 cup to 2 qts)
Each pump has a little screen and gasket - Clean each Great time to replace them. Pump PN 67128362154 (prices range from $6-$ the VDO ones

Washer Pump Strainer & Gasket: PN 61667006063

There is a union near the Right hood hinge that leaks and breaks. See blue washer fluid stain marks.


WS Washer Alignment 2.png Washer lines Intensive E39.png Washer Tank with HL washers E39.png Non Intensive lines E39.png WS Washer Alignment.png
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