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Which car is faster? SL55 or the M6 cabrio?

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I keep seeing conflicting reports on 0-60 sides with the M6 convertible. I know BMW said 4.1 or 4.2.....but then another magazine had it at like 4.8. I don't see how it is as fast as the M6 coupe with the extra 500 pounds.

As for the 55....I have seen 0-60 times at around 4.8 too.....but supposedly the new SL63 is doing 4.4?
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I owned a SL55, and have an M6 coupe, stock the cars are probably pretty close, though the SL55 might be easier to get off the line. It is very easy to mod the SL, and when moded (like mine was), they are very fast.
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