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Which car is faster? SL55 or the M6 cabrio?

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I keep seeing conflicting reports on 0-60 sides with the M6 convertible. I know BMW said 4.1 or 4.2.....but then another magazine had it at like 4.8. I don't see how it is as fast as the M6 coupe with the extra 500 pounds.

As for the 55....I have seen 0-60 times at around 4.8 too.....but supposedly the new SL63 is doing 4.4?
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Actually more often than you think. It's what set's this car as dominant and unique. It is one of the fastest top speed production cars the world has ever seen. As you say, it also handles very well and provides a great driving experience. Sound s to me like a super car huh? The SL55 is no super car! I think we are in agreement!:cheers:
So you go above 120mph often?
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