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Where to buy bluetooth kit for 03 M5?

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I called my dealer and the parts guy said they don't carry one for that model and year.

Thx, Steve
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Is the Aardvark interface available yet? Drop XRAYMD a note...
SpiderSense said:
i'm still waiting for my bluetooth kit from Aardvark ( i got an email saying they were delayed.. noone answers their phone either (i didn't leave messages). i just got a couple of Treo 650s (Cingular) and can't wait to integrate them with the M5.
They're not a big outfit, and their office person Michelle is doing double and triple duty by my guess. She's called me back and been quite helpful in my quest (although I haven't gone with BT since I can't give up TDMA)

XrayMD is a long time member/contributor here and is involved with them. He's been more than willing to chat. Drop him a PM and you should connect.

Not a clue as to what is going on with their BT solution- given that the older BMW BT modules had issues, and now with the 4th/5th generation modules there are still the occasional complaint, you can imagine how tricky the first release for a new vendor can be....

El_Mono said:
I bought mine from Circle BMW in NJ. They were much cheaper than even crevier.
Slightly OT, but some moron at Circle refused to sell me the Sirius radio receiver! Even though I asked for it by part number, he insisted I give him the model and year- said since it wasn't listed for the 2003 M5 they will not sell it.

Their choice- saves me having to call NJ! :)

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