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Where to buy bluetooth kit for 03 M5?

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I called my dealer and the parts guy said they don't carry one for that model and year.

Thx, Steve
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The Bluetooth Parts Kit listed below was installed on my '03 M5:

84-11-0-302-647 = Installation Kit

84-21-6-934-552 = Control Unit

One Hour Labor was charged by the BMW Dealership for the Install.

Of course, You will also need a Cell Phone that is Bluetooth compatible.

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ard said:
Slightly OT, but some moron at Circle refused to sell me the Sirius radio receiver! Even though I asked for it by part number, he insisted I give him the model and year- said since it wasn't listed for the 2003 M5 they will not sell it.

Their choice- saves me having to call NJ! :) A

What Part Number did you give them?
dmccrary90025 said:
Which dealer? Mine (BH) tells me BMW NA says no way Jose for the '03. HOw much did it cost? Thanks!
Beverly Hills BMW ... parts Dept. ... (310) 358-7880 -> Ask for Emery in Parts.
dmccrary90025 said:
Thanks for your reply. Now that is interesting as the Service Mgr at BH BMW tells me NO WAY (just the other day)..there's no quaranty it will work...and they installed it? Who is your SA? Mine is Richard Smith.
My SA is Gerg Stegemann ... He's the ONLY German SA at the deralership and has been there since before they were Zipper BMW and Otto Zipper VW before that!

Call Gerd and tell him that the Predator M5 owner suggested he talk to you. Gerd can look up on my service history as to Which technician did the Bluetooth installation. I believe it was Andy ... who is now the Asst Service Manager under Shawn. Shawn has just recently (sometime in the past 2 months) taken over the Service Manager's position.
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