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Where to buy bluetooth kit for 03 M5?

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I called my dealer and the parts guy said they don't carry one for that model and year.

Thx, Steve
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i'm still waiting for my bluetooth kit from Aardvark ( i got an email saying they were delayed.. noone answers their phone either (i didn't leave messages). i just got a couple of Treo 650s (Cingular) and can't wait to integrate them with the M5.
I still havent gotten it yet. i have not heard from them on if it is available yet. i will have to call and check.

i have an 12/01 build 2002.

i can't figure out the BMW BT option for my builddate. argos seems easier. but i'm not sure if it will support voice.
1 - 2 of 30 Posts
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