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Where is the general module III?

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After expensive searching I think I've narrowed my central locking problem to this module. Fuses are good, fuel door actuator good, doors only unlock and lock with keys. Recode key multiple times with no results.
Using the search, what tipped me off was the combination of battery replacement, remote entry failure, and the interior lights failing to work when doors opened.
Is there a link to how to replace the general module III (body module)? How do I access it, identify it and the replace it?
Does it need to be reprogrammed. I've read where some have just plugged in new module and this hasn't worked for others.
I'm pretty capable of most repairs, but electric would be my weakest.
Should this be done by a tech?

Thanks in advance for all the help this forum has already been!!:cool2:
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Thanks m5, I think one of your posts helped narrow down this problem. Do you know if I can just plug a new module in, or does it have to be programmed? There seems to be conflicting reports on this! Thanks
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