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DIS reckons my car has an error "DME 2B59 Cooling thermostat, monitoring - Thermostat stuck open - Fault currently present". and under that "B1215_M65TMO".

I cleared it but it came back immediately, twice, so over the past few months I've bought every water temp Mgmnt. part I could find to replace while the engine bay is in pieces.

So I have fitted new;
79-degree thermostat........11537836155
4 x o-rings........................11537835497
4 x (large) main hoses........11537834052, 11537836569, 11537834054, 11537834055
temp sensor water/oil.........13621433077

But I can't find where to screw in "temperature sensor water/oil 13621433076" :dunno:. Can someone tell me please is it for water temp and where on the head do I find it?

The diagram seems to show it (#12) on R/H side of the engine roughly between cylinders 1&2 but I cant find anything there except exhaust headers.

Any advice appreciated. Paul



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