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I had a freak accident with a drink the other day and need help deciding how bad it is….

I recently installed the TEC cup holder in the center counsel storage area. It works great and I no longer have to worry about hanging onto drinks around every corner.

I had breakfast at Waffle House yesterday with my son. On the way out, I got a to go cup of diet coke with vanilla syrup. They use styrofoam cups. Apparently the metal prongs on the TEC cup holder pierced the bottom of the cup and the drink drained into the storage area. The weird thing about it was there was absolutely no leak on the counsel, the sides, on the carpet, etc.

I removed the storage bin and looked into the center counsel area and it was dry. All I could see was some of the wiring.

Where in the heck did the drink drain to? Any potential damage to the wiring area? :confused:


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