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A local wrecker has a set of AC SCHNITZER Type 5 Forged wheels available at a decent price. I like the look & since I currently have beat up stock wheels on my E60 M5 I have the choice of repairing or going for another wheel. I'm heading towards going for a new wheel of course!

I've never dealt with offset so may I ask for guidance if my calculations are correct.

Stock (from this forum thanks!)
19x8.5 ET 12
19x9.5 ET 28

AC SCHNITZER Type 5 Forged (specs from wrecker and checked on the website)
20x9 ET22
20x10 ET33

If my understanding is correct, without spacers the front will be 16mm closer to the strut & 4mm further inside the body & the rear would be 11mm closer to the strut & 1mm further towards the outside of the body.

Have I got the calculations right? Would I therefore use a 12 mm front & 10mm rear? or would I be ok anything 10 - 15mm? I'll be negotiating to throw the spacers into the deal.

I want to make sure I know what I need to do before I head over to see the wrecker, he'll tell me anything to shift them in this market. The economy is destroyed here with no tourism.

Guidance greatly appreciated.

(There's another post on the forum but its discussing weights not spacers. Type 5 weights)

Many thanks in advance for the brains trust.
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