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What's the wait on M5 in Europe

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Going to work in Amsterdam for 2 years. Anybody has experience with buying M5 in Holland, Germany, Austria?
What's the wait?
Is it possible to get htem back to US?
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I have had one on order since April for delivery in Jan from a German dealer. It is for import to the UK so is right hand drive that may explain the delay. BMW don't like doing this so try to make it awkward.

At least Saturdays game will be a distant memory when I pick it up.
You did well to get one so quick Irfy.

I used a guy I know who helps with the ordering process. (speaks German)

In the end the wait was not to bad as I was going to change my car in Jan anyway.(Had planned on new M3)

The car is lemans blue silverstone sportive
Sat nav+TV
Elec sunroof
Tint screen
Motorola phone
CD Changer
£44500 inc vat
Only the standard 1 year warranty
Got to pick it up myself

I think this is a great price compared to some of the importers that do all the work and may explain the wait.

If you are only getting the factory warranty as well I understand an extra two years can be purchased from your local dealer for about £900. I strongly recommend this option as M engines are extreamly expensive to repair.
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Irfy just checked the actual order date and it was July. Actually started the process in April.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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