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Rather than keep asking silly question on the M5 I thought I would buy a service/workshop manual from ebay. There seems to be a few different sorts of cd based ones advertised, that seem to cover the car (plus almost every other BMW car as well!!) Which one is the best? I would prefer one which actually helped with descriptions as well as diagrams rather than just exploded diagrams. does anyone have any suggestions/ advice???

Thanks in advance.

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The TIS is the mechanical repair instructions. (windows)

The ETK is the parts catalogue, with often useful (BMW generic) exploded views. (windows)

The WDS is the electrical wiring diagrams (but I think it runs under SCO unix only)

The EBA is the instructions for aftermarket installation of BMW factory options.

Have a look at:

This is a pay site operated by BMW NA with positively all the info.
I think it is US$ 24 per day of use. Definitely worth every penny. You can download huge amounts of useful info in a day.

Also look at

They have all the service bulletines for free.

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