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Might be a little early on for this thread but...

Having read the board to exhaustion, and wanting to maintain my beast to the highest standard, i want to compile a list of what parts i should replace with a one stop do it all while its up in the air attitude.

i'm wanting to remove the gearbox (transmission), propshaft, diff, rear subframe front thrust arms.

Also what special tools i will need.

I plan to do this probably in the summer while i use the bike mainly.

The car is at 82k miles on a 2000 year. And has been maintained very well so far. (uses no oil !! )

So far i have

1. Rear diff seals (mine are weeping very slightly)

2. Guibo and propshaft bearing (routine maintenance)

3. rear subframe bushes

4. front thrust arm bushes

5. Rear main seal (because i want to while it's up and it looks fairly simply)

6. Rod bearings ( my main reason for wanting to do this )

7. Change gearbox and transmission oil (fairly obvious)

I intend to make this thread my point of reference ( as well as the great DIY's written so far )

So, what special tools will i need ?

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