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What My US Dealer Says

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He may not have a clue, but he said that the latest from BMW was that they would get from 3 to 5 2006 M5s. I have been moved up from #5 to #2. He said the first one would be delivered this year, and then probably an allocation every 2 months, so I should expect February or March delivery next year -- which is exactly when I wanted it. We'll see what actually happens!
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Just ordered my US spec M5 today (Indy red/sepang bronze interior/dark wood trim). Word I got was to expect a few cars to be made late November, probably dealer showroom cars, with regular US production runs beginning in December. My dealer is also checking with the factory guys on what the story is with comfort access (features available) and the possibility of a de-restricted option. Colors of the cars available are indeed the same as Canadian cars. More to follow...
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