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Yeah I assumed they were shim under bucket. They look like it. But we were wrong. Agree it simplifies a rebuild. Measuring and getting all the right shims for a 40 valve head(s) would take a while!! It’s bad enough doing 24 on a rb26..
Hello Emfiver,

When I did my Toyota 2ZZ-GE shims were $5-6/each for Toyota OEM! Because I did a valve job, in my mind I would have to order at least 8 x shims at "base", then measure and order another 8 to spec per cam for a total of 16 more.

8 base x $6/shim = $48
8 shims for intake x $6/shim = $48
repeat for exhaust 8 shims x $6/shim = $48

Total shims 24 x $6/shim = $144 if I do myself (assuming I could not use old ones do to valve & seat grinding).

I wimped out and took to a shop. They charged for all shims used (x16) and kept my old ones! I did not need so accepted.

Now go to 40x valves......SO HAPPY to know they, S85 buckets, are hydraulic!

Could also hinder high RPM vs solid/shim-under.

Mr. P
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